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My Favorite Hairstyle of the Moment Takes Literally 10 Seconds

Hair is a lot of fun, but it’s a never-ending battle. I’ve tried every treatment, hairstyle and length, and like everyone else, I have good, magazine-level hair days—and really, really bad ones that make me look like I didn’t peek at a mirror before leaving the house.


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Up to this point, even the lazy ‘dos weren’t cutting it. Though my hair is considered medium-long, I still need to use a bobby pin when I put my hair up, which ends up just looking tacky. Ponytails and high buns ended up looking sloppy with loose hairs everywhere. Also, ponytails only look good when hair is flat-ironed beforehand (so many extra steps), and if my hair isn’t straight in general, it makes the hair seem shorter and much harder to work with.

It wasn’t until recently that I was playing with five-days-unwashed hair and trying to figure out my plan of attack for work. I wasn’t going to wear my hair down again. Even with a bottle of dry shampoo, it wouldn’t be able to save these greasy strands. I initially opted for my go-to high bun, but got frustrated when I still had loose hairs. Geez, how long does my hair have to be to fix this situation? That’s when I parted my hair down the middle and pulled my hair back into a low bun.

Whoa. It was beyond easy, and looked incredibly chic. Where has this look been (on me) the last 30 years? My confidence was instantly boosted. This was the first casual hairstyle I’ve worn that I could potentially pull off for something upscale. This has immediately become my new go-to for work and most social activities. Obviously first dates should still be hair-down days, but other than that, this is great for everything, especially fresh out of the shower. And while it also enforces a little laziness, the end result is appeasing, so it is what it is!


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