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How You Should Dye Your Hair, Based on Your Favorite Winter Drink

Now that the winter months and holiday season are fast approaching, you may be considering a color upgrade in addition to your gift shopping.

It’s the time for giving, so why not give yourself a gorgeous new ‘do? There are way too many brews we love to sip on during this time and we couldn’t help but draw inspo from those soul-warming treats. Scroll through below for how you should dye your hair, based on your favorite winter drink.

Hot Buttered Rum

If your sweet tooth tends to get the best of you during the holiday season (happens to the best of us), it’s time to go for a gorgeous, hot buttered rum vibe this season. Highlights of subtle orange and caramel tones echo the cinnamon and brown sugar in this yummy drink. The warm hues pay a top-notch homage to this seasonal fave and you’ll look even more fire if you happen to have textured hair, too.

Mulled Wine

Cozy nights just feel incomplete without a rich glass of mulled wine and this mysterious hair shade will instantly transport you to that feeling of comfort. If this vibrantly-colored drink calls to your soul, opt for deep shades of red with darker undertones. Not only does it remind us of a tangy mulled wine, but it also screams holiday-style, red velvet cupcakes. Enough said.


Eggnog is good for so many things, including a few lesser-known ones like DIY hair masks and color inspiration. If this classic refreshment is your winter front-runner, it’s time to hop on the ash blonde train. Eggnog is creamy yet light and can be topped with cinnamon or nutmeg, that’s why this stunning balayage is exactly the change you’ve been craving.

Gingerbread Latte 

It isn’t the holidays if you aren’t sipping on a Gingerbread Latte every day of the season. Invite even more of this sweet and spicy drink into your life by making it your hair color! Chestnut brown with lighter tones mixed in will get you the ultimate nutmeg and espresso look.

Hot Toddy 

We can’t even tell you just how much we adore copper-colored locks. They’re vivid, dynamic, and best of all, remind us of a warm, winter Hot Toddy. The cinnamon, lemony goodness of this beverage just makes us feel some type of way. This one’s a brave move, but fortune always favors the bold, right?

Spiced Hot Mocha

There’s no better way to celebrate your other favorite winter flavor than by dyeing your hair a gorgeous, deep mocha shade. A few caramel pieces could be thrown in here and there for dramatic effect, but the mocha could stand on its own and look completely amazing. That’s right, give Starbucks a run for their money.

Need more sweater weather hair ideas? HERE’s what we found on Pinterest.

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