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Feature Friday : Davines Alchemic Conditioner

For those of us who color our hair, you know that fading is an issue that happens more often than we’d like.  That’s why we are all about Davines Alchemic Conditioner.  This amazing conditioner won NYLON Magazine’s 2014 Beauty Awards.   Available in a variety of hues based on natural and cosmetic shades, these conditioners pack in highly vibrant color that will actually deposit small amounts of pigment into the hair.  We love to use these to bring out shine, reflection, and color vibrancy.  In addition, as colored and processed hair can often be damaged, Davines Alchemic Conditioners double as a deep conditioner; restoring moisture and elasticity in the hair.  Use as your regular daily conditioner, or let sit for up to 20 minutes as a hair color refresher and strong moisturizer.

Scroll below to browse the color options and find out what is best for you.



For use on silver, grey, blonde, or highlighted hair.

This conditioner adds vibrancy, shine, and reflection to natural grey tones.  It also helps to neutralize and cancel out warmth or brassiness in blonde tones.  For all you platinum blonde babes, this conditioner will be a life saver.  Use regularly and let sit longer when you’ve been swimming or out in the sun to keep your blonde looking fresh and vibrant.  (Check out the mention in Refinery29 for icy blondes)


For natural and colored golden and honey blonde hair colors.

Use to keep a consistent golden blonde shade in the hair.  This works great in maintaining natural blonde hair colors and adds just slight warmth to blondes who tend to go ashy.  This is a great refresher for swimmers, whose hair tends to go green easily.



For use on natural and colored copper and red hair tones.

This is wonderful for natural red heads or strawberry blondes.  Let sit for up to 20 minutes to add vibrancy and reflection in the hair.  Also great for colored hair and warm tones tend to fade fast.  This will restore the tones that tend to naturally wash out over time, allowing the hair to look freshly colored for longer.


For use on cosmetic treated red hair, pink tones, or blondes who want a temporary pink tint.

This conditioner is beauty must have.  For blondes who want that temporary Sienna Miller pastel pink, let sit for 10-20 minutes to deposit a rosy pink hue, creating a subtle pastel pink that will wash out over time.  (Check out Refinery29’s how to)

Although this was originally created for red heads, we find this conditioner has more of a pink tint.  Use on vibrant or pastel pink hair colors regularly to avoid fading.


For use on mid to light brown hair tones.

This is a wonderful conditioner to use on light brown hair tones that may appear dull or mousey.  Comb through lengths and ends of damp, shampooed hair and let sit 5-8 minutes regularly.


For use on dark brown or black hair tones.

A must have for maintaining a rich chocolate brown color.  This conditioner is essential for girls who have colored their hair from light to dark to maintain rich hues and avoid the color from fading.  This can also add a nice reflection to black hair tones that tend to feel flat or dull.  In addition, it adds deep conditioning and moisture to the hair.



2 minutes

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