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Halo Braid How to Breakdown

If there’s a popular hairstyle in heaven we’d assume it’s along the lines of halo braids- with golden bobby pins galore!  This angel-esque hairstyle is nothing short of heavenly, with its romantic touch that oozes style  serenity.  Follow our quick step-by-step guide and have people singing you hair praises in no time.


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  1. Braids tend to hold better when there is a slight bend in the hair, so prep hair by curling the mid-lengths and ends with a large barrel iron.
  2. Separate hair into two sections through the midline of your part through the nape of you neck.
  3. Use a smoothing brush to gather each section of hair towards your front hairline around your temples.
  4. Braid each section and secure with elastic.
  5. Drape braids around your front hairline and pin into place.
  6. Dust hair powder over braid, then pat into place.
  7. Use fingers to pinch and pull outside edges of the braids to create thickness and texture.
  8. Use French pins to secure any loose pieces
  9. Mist with hairspray to set.


2 minutes

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