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You Could Make $5,000 By Trying Out THIS Shampoo

Let me preface this by saying usually when something sounds too good to be true, it usually is – but this is somehow real. FEKKAI Haircare is looking for a Chief Shower Office (CSO), and it’s up you whether you decide to spell that out on your next resume update.

The CSO will be responsible for trying out the brand’s new CBD Scalp Calming Collection and providing a weekly “suds report.” The suds report entails providing a recap of your experience with the products (honesty is the best policy for any C-suite exec) and documenting the results on social media. FEKKAI will also source your feedback for future product development – so even though the position only lasts a month, they may still need their CBD CSO.

Image via FEKKAI

Chief Shower Officer

The official criteria are below – as long as you’re 21 and are active on social media, everyone pretty much qualifies:

• Have a shower, hair and at least 15 years of experience washing their own hair

• Love hair products and are always looking to try the newest ones on the market

• Know how to adjust shower knobs to find the perfect temperature

• Care about ingredients and making changes towards a cleaner beauty routine

• Have a presence on social media channels and your profiles are public

To apply position and view full submission rules, head to www.fekkai.com.

“We couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate the launch than hiring someone to put the products to the ultimate test,” says Frédéric Fekkai on the decision to hire a CSO. We hope other companies follow suit, since the best way to find out if a product works is to source it to the people (or at least a representative of the people). Good luck fellow wannabe CSOs – may the best shower-er win!

HERE’s why CBD is the next go-to haircare ingredient.

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