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We’re Obsessed With This Intricate Bubble Pony From Fenty x Puma

If there’s one thing we’ve learned to expect from Rihanna over the years, it’s that nothing she touches is ever boring. She’s made quite the splash at this fashion week with the launch of her new beauty line Fenty Beauty last week in Brooklyn, and then her kickass show for Fenty x Puma at Park Avenue Armory. The show started off with motorcyclists launching and flipping over pink piles of sand. Then, models clad in sporty separates coated in bright neons took to the circular shaped catwalk where they showed off imperfect bubble ponies tied up with string.

Fenty x Puma Hair Spring 2018

Fenty x Puma Hair Spring 2018

Rihanna teamed up with her long time stylist Yusef and Dyson to create the look for the show which he describes as, “athletic cool, bad girl, graphic with a little bit of edge hair.” And we couldn’t have said it better ourselves–this look is equal parts edgy, sporty and cool. Below, Yusef gives us a step-by-step tutorial on how to recreate the Fenty x Puma spring 2018 hair!

How to: Fenty x Puma Hair Spring 2018:

1. Prep the hair with the Dyson Supersonic.

2. Section hair into two sections, one on top of each other, clip one section on top of head.

3. Pull lower section back in low ponytail, spray hair with hair spray; making sure to pull hair loosely (not tight), leaving tendrils or loose ends on each side, spray with hair spray.

4. Make sure hair on sides (other than the tendrils) on the second pony are drawn tight and sleek and secure.

5. Take top section of hair out of clip…spray and comb top pony making sure the rubber band is not fastened at the base of the hair, and leaving it somewhat volumized and secured.

6. (Lower pony) make sure to twist hair, then pull hair through rubber band making a half pony and secure with bright colored bungee throughout

7. Secure every loop of the twisted hair, making sure to not just wrap hair around but to almost encase the pony within the bungees.

8. To finalize the look, connect first pony to second ponytail with bungee cords go in and pull the combined pony through the bungee.

9. Tuck loose ends in for a sporty yet sleek finish, spray hair with shine spray

10. Finally, take tendrils or loose ends from each side of the head and blend into the hair; comb ends in, and use hair spray

11. Use Dyson Supersonic on any flyaway hairs to finalize the look


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