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Up Your Festival Hair Game With These Must-Have Accessories!

Festival hair should be three things; easy to achieve, long-lasting and unquestionably head-turning. Because after all, festivals are the place to express yourself and have fun with your style. Festival hair accessories are the perfect add-on to your packing list because they give you everything you want from your hair without the need for mirrors, showers or hot tools.  But… not sure which accessories will be ‘it’ this year? Try one of these seven accessories for a sure-fire way to amp up your festival hair game.

festival hair accessories 

1. Jen Atkin x Chloe + Isabel Tassel Braid Charms

festival hair accessories

(via Chloe & Isabel)

Leave it to our founder Jen Atkin to come up with this season’s hottest festival hair accessories through her collab with Chloe + Isabel. These Chloe + Isabel Tassel Braid Charms are super cute and easy to add to a small braid in your ponytail or undone waves. 

2. Free People Sequin Scrunchie

Free People Festival Hair Accessories Sequin Scrunchie

(via @Freepeople)

This year, forget impossible-to-apply glitter gel and instead, make a sparkly statement with a less messy option; the Sequin Scrunchie from Free People. Scrunchies are a must-have for sweaty, front-row hair and this one is so brightly colored, it will distract from the not-so-cute state of your tresses. Also, just think, if your phone dies your friends will be able to spot you easily!

3. Jennifer Behr Carly Bandeaux Headband

festival hair accessories

(via Jennifer Behr)

Shop this absolutely stunning headband by Jennifer Behr via her website and you’ll be the belle of the valley. Described as ‘beautifully feminine and bohemian’  the headband is golden flowers studded with Swarovski crystals and finished with elastic at back for comfort and easy fit. 

4. Madewell x ‘where i was from’ Bandana

festival hair accessories

(via Madewell)

Bandanas as headbands have been popular at festivals since the beginning of time, which is why if you don’t have one with you at all times, you’re doing yourself a disservice. Pick up this gorgeous pink one from Madewell for $18.50 and you’ll be on your sweat-blocking a-game when you arrive in the desert.

5. Adir x Lelet NY Liquid Chain Comb

festival hair accessories

(via Lelet NY)

We can’t say much about Adir Abergel’s Hair Chains that we haven’t already (see here) but if we don’t see these wrapped into hair at festivals all over the country this year, we’d be shocked.

6. Free People Simple Metal Claw Clip

festival hair accessories

(via Free People)

We understand that wearing certain hair accessories seems a bit boujee, so if you’re the type of girl who chooses function over looks, reach for this Metal Hair Clip from Free People. It’s simple, modern design will keep your hair up off your shoulders without looking like your at home washing your face.  

7. Elizabeth and James Marlow Gold Plated Hair Pin

festival hair accessories

(via Net-a-Porter)

This gold plaited Elizabeth and James pin would make a gorgeous addition to any topknot or low-bun and is a great, simple way to upgrade a desert dusted look. 

Which festival hair accessories are you most excited to rock this year? Let us know below, and, as always, shop my faves!

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