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HOW-TO: Festival-Ready Romantic Low Bun by Lauren Burt

Coachella Flower Hair

As we gear into April, it’s safe to say we are ready to start shedding our winter layers for light and airy fabrics and prints. It’s time to give our worn, weathered tresses something fresh as we head outdoors for music festivals and celebrations! So when we saw Lauren Burt’s rendition of a floral crown for Nasty Gal, we knew this girl was up to something. We love the way Lauren moved the floral arrangement from the model’s neck to her tresses to a full on headpiece throughout the spread with delicately placed face framing pieces. Keep scrolling to read she Lauren created the look…


  1. “First things first, good hair starts with healthy hair. Wash your hair with a nourishing shampoo and conditioner like Steam Any Day Shampoo #8 and Conditioner #9. It’s soothing to the scalp and made from herbal amino acids, it is color safe, and contains no sulfates or no parabens. As a bonus, it’s also is vegan and organic.
  2. While it’s still very damp, add a few drops of Steam Pure Argan Oil #5 from the middle to the ends of your hair, which will add extra moisture in the desert heat as well as smooth away any frizz. 
  3. Now we add texture. Put the top half of your hair up and secure with a clip to get it out of the way. Grab a small section from the bottom of your hair and start twisting. Alternate the direction of the twist with each section. Then let the top half of your hair down and twist the hair in the front away from your face. Next, alternate the twists like you did with the bottom half. I like this method because it adds a wavy texture without the damaging effects of heat style. Let it air dry. 
  4. When your hair is completely dry, lightly shake it out with your fingers. Then spray a little Oribe Après Beach Wave Salt Spray all over. 
  5. Next add Schwarzkopf OSiS + Dust It Mattifying Powder to your roots, working it through your hair for a tousled flyaway look. This will give it a little volume and add a sexy wispiness throughout the hair. 
  6. Finally, we can get started on the bun! Start with a deep side part, then pull your hair back to the base of your neck, secure using a hairband to simulate a ponytail but don’t pull all of your hair out so it creates a loop. The texturizing steps are what makes this simple hairstyle look romantic and whimsical. 
  7. Pull out small wispy pieces from the front of your hair. Then, add a fresh flower crown or small flowers to your hair. Have fun!”

Hair: Lauren Paez Burt//Wilhelmina

2 minutes

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