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Fight Frizz With These 5 Must Have Tools


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Everyone at some point experiences their own level of frizz.  From curly hair,  to straight hair, or whatever else you’ve got; effectively conquer the fuzz with some of our favorite  go-to tools.

1. Harry Josh Blowdryer – High power in compact form?  #favorite!  Wether being used in the salon or for DIY blowouts, this lightweight blowdryer makes for the perfect frizz battle companion.

2. Ibiza Hair G5 Swirled Extended Cork Round Brush:  Once you go Ibiza you’ll never go back (so wished that rhymed).  The cork handle provides comfort via a no slip grip and the swirled bristles make smooth city the easiest it’s ever been.  Pro tip:  Coat the handle of a new Ibiza brush with a paraffin wax.  This give the cork a protective seal and prevents cracking; note, this only needs to be done one time.  After coating, simply wipe off the wax and your set!

3. Leonor Greyl Gel a L’hibiscus: Suitable for all hair types and won’t cause flaking.  Tames those pesky flyways and shapes hair to perfection.

4. Davines Momo Fluid:  Frizzy hair? Check! Product that eliminates frizzy hair while counteracting humidity? Biggest most grateful check!  Comb through damp hair.  Airdry, blow-dry, or use hot tools as desired.

5. T3 Luminous Iron: With a temperature dial that reaches up to 410*F, this iron is perfect for all hair types.  The ionic properties of tourmaline (put in ceramic form) seals the hair cuticle giving you shinier hair with a super smooth finish.


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