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Find Out Larisa Love’s Super Unexpected Hair Hack

As part of our series, Hair-apy Sesh, we’re asking the hair industry’s most-trusted mavens to divulge their secrets about what products get lifted from their kit, their idea of the most overrated and underrated hair tricks, plus their favorite high-price-tag and drugstore buys that confidently carry them through their bustling careers.

Below: Larisa Love @larisadoll

Larisa Love Hairstylist

It’s not enough to be an insanely talented hairstylist–these days, you really have to be able to do it all. Meet Larisa Love, hairstylist, salon owner, social media maven, blogger, and budding red carpet host, who quite literally does just about everything. We picked her brain on standing out on social media, opening her quaint salon in Studio City, and a few hair hacks she keeps up her sleeve.

What made you want to open your own salon?

I wanted to create an atmosphere for other stylists to have an authentic, fun space to work at. 

Whats your advice to stylists on making their work stand out on social media?

Social media has brought in so many clients and really allows me to showcase my art daily.  Find something that will make you stand out and brand yourself that way and stick to it and be consistent. Always be sure to get a before photo or video so the after can be even more dramatic. 

Who did you assist? 

I worked at a few salons in Beverly Hills but never had a mentor. I decided to go off on my own and take a risk and create my own brand and be the mentor to others that I never had. I worked long hours and promoted myself on social media and got noticed by CosmoProf and now I travel the world teaching color and feel beyond blessed to be able to do what I love. 

What is your biggest piece of advice to new stylists?

Stay authentic. Know your worth and find a great mentor. 

What was the biggest challenge in opening your own salon?

Finding the location & finding a great team. 

What is the most underrated hair hack? 

Glittered hair gel. 

Whats your most stolen product from your kit?

That changes often! We’re all loving Joico’s new Color butter, those seem to keep disappearing lol

What’s always in your kit?

I love texture products!  My teasing brush, my marcel curling iron & dry shampoo. 

What’s the most underrated drugstore product?

It’s a 10 miracle styling potion. 

If you only had time to use one product on a client…

I would use Joico dry shampoo because it gives the hair so much volume & texture. 

If you weren’t a hairstylist, what would you be?

A traveler. I love to explore the world. 

I hate it when I’m doing someone’s hair and they…

Take over the consultation. I’m the professional I know a little more about what’s best and what will compliment your hair. Haha

When I’m styling or cutting someone’s hair I’m usually…

The most happiest and in my most comfortable state. 

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