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The Kardashian Jenners Swear By This Flat Hair Hack

There are a million IG hair hack vids online, but I came across one for flat hair that was particularly mesmerizing. To find out how the hack is really done and if it’s worth a try, I reached out to celeb stylist Andrew Fitzsimons, who works his mane majik on clients like the Kar-Jenners, Bella Hadid, Alexa Demie and Shay Mitchell.

“Rolling up your hair and securing it with bobby pins, or even in curlers is a creative way to add more volume to your hair,” says Andrew, who emphasizes that the amount of time you have is really the determining factor for how hack-y you need this technique to be.

Time Hack

“You can let it sit there overnight, or speed up the process by adding heat with the plastic bag wrapped around your head and an added hole for the blow dryer,” he says, cautioning that this step should be treated with a bit of precaution. “This would happen to be the trickiest part of this whole hack — you want to be extra careful that it doesn’t get too hot and overheats to the point where the bag starts to melt,” he explains.

Fine, Flat Hair

The technique is best for fine-medium hair that is prone to being flat. If you’re set on attempting it, make sure your hair is already dry to be on the safe side. “I would not recommend on wet hair, as there may be too much heat in the plastic bag afterwards, but slightly damp hair will do,” he says.

While the process is clearly sped up in the video, you don’t want to spend a lot of time applying heat under the bag, if you go that route. How long exactly would depend on how thick your hair is (thinner hair doesn’t need as much drying time, and vice versa). Either way, Andrew notes that you shouldn’t keep the heat on for more than 5-10 mins.

Although this vid makes for good content (she got me) Andrew notes, “there is a safer, inexpensive method to this flat hair hack.” Instead of going DIY rogue, he recommends trying a Bonnet Dryer Attachment, Silicone Hair Curlers and Hooded Hair Dryer Bonnet: $13.95 (for everything).

“You can bring salon-style drying at home to the next level without worrying about overheating the plastic bag,” Andrew advises.

HERE’s a pro hack for serious volume backstage.

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