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Best Instagram Captions for Pics of You Using a Flat Iron

While curls are fun and uplifting, nothing says business quite like a sleek, straight ‘do, amirite? And nothing’s going to help us achieve that look better than our trusty flat iron. It’s time we give our favorite hot tool the love it deserves with flat iron Instagram captions that show off these gorgeous looks.

Well, what are you waiting for? Grab your tool and your cell phone and start scrolling for the best Instagram captions for pics of you using a flat iron.

For the pic of you looking perfectly precious with your flat iron in hand:

Play with my hair, not with my heart.

For the pic of your uncharacteristically coiffed ‘do:

I have a new hairstyle today—it’s called “I tried.”

(Instagram via @chihaircare)

For the pic of you flipping out your ends with your favorite hot hair tool:

Life is short. Make every hair flip fabulous.

For the obligatory selfie with a flat iron that did you right:

HAIR. Because personality is not the first thing people see.

(Instagram via @chihaircare)

For the newly single selfie of you rocking a sleek, straight ‘do:

Gorgeous hair is the best revenge.

For the pic of you showing off your new flat iron:

Straight hair me and curly hair me are two very different people.

(Instagram via @dahvishira)

For when you and your flat iron are trying to send a clear message:

If she changed her hairstyle after the breakup, you’re never getting back together.

Need more hot tool caption inspo? HERE are the best IG captions for pics of you and your curling iron!

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