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Florence Pugh’s Most Show-Stopping Hair Moments

Florence Pugh’s character really shined in Black Widow, but we have to say that it also solidified her a place on our list of bomb AF blondes IRL. Her captivating introduction into the Marvel-verse brought wit, humor, and spectacularly-styled updos we only wish we could pull off.

Even offscreen, we dare you to find a photo of the stunning actress without impeccable hair. From her elegant braids to long, flowing mermaid waves, scroll through below for all of Florence Pugh’s ultimate show-stopping hair moments so far. 

Tucked and Feathered Updo

TBH, we had no idea what to even call this style other than utter perfection. Is it feathered? Is it braided? Most likely, we’ll never know, but it’s the mystery that completely bewitches us.

(via Getty)

Half Up, Half Down Mermaid Waves

We appreciate a good mermaid wave, but we appreciate it even more on Florence Pugh. It’s beachy, yet graceful and can be worn on the street or at a gala. That’s true versatility, my friends.

(via Getty)

Auburn Side Part

Only Florence could look drop dead gorgeous both as a blonde and a redhead. This deep shade of auburn makes her skin tone and eyes completely pop. @ Florence —please share colorist details immediately.

(via Getty)

Elegant Braided Bun

This braided updo is so elegant and flattering we want to scream. It’s suitable for a wedding, red carpet, and everything in between.

(via Getty)

Twisted High Buns

Copying this Spice Girl-esque style ASAP. Florence has mastered the unique, yet sophisticated updo like no one else.

(via Getty)

Messy High Bun

The neckline, simple makeup, and hair just work, plain and simple. Her bun isn’t the neatest, but it’s a show stopper, nonetheless.

(via Getty)

Touch of Pink

Summer strands call for a little color. Pink, to be exact. We love how subtly the bubblegum hues are blended into her blonde locks. Easy one of her best hair looks yet😍.

(via Getty)

Extra Deep Side Part

There are side parts and then there are deep side parts. This falls under the latter. It’s simple, but still frames her face oh-so-well.

(via Getty)

Slicked Back Braid

Slick it up and back with an exquisite braid like this and expect to be showered with compliments. Florence is further proof that you can never go wrong with a chic braid. 

(via Getty)

Who’s our second favorite blonde bombshell, you ask? Margot Robbie, of course!

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