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Achieving TikTok’s “Fluffy Hair” Is Easier Than You Think

Who doesn’t love big, bouncy voluminous locks? The super ’90s fluffy hairstyle, or fluffy hair blowout, has been trending all over TikTok, and the world. With the ’90s and Y2K era styles being the latest fashion mainstay, it’s no surprise that this high-volume style continues making waves. If you’re looking to try the fluffy hair trend, here is our guide on what it is and how to get it!

What Is Fluffy Hair?

Fluffy hair is a large and in charge mix between volume and texture. For this style, the bigger the blowout the better. Think ’90s babes like supermodel Cindy Crawford, or everyone’s favorite rich girl, Cher from Clueless.

With a shiny, bouncy, yet soft appearance, this frizz-free blowout style is meant to still appear “natural” and not manufactured. Depending on your hair texture, this can be easier for some than others. Either way, hot tools and a good product foundation will be your best friend when replicating this look on yourself.

How to Get Fluffy Hair

The steps to recreating this look at home can vary depending on your hair’s texture and length. But there are a few overall tips and tricks that will help anyone get the fluffy hair look they desire.

Start With the Right Tools

Before you begin your fluffy hair transformation, gather all the tools you may need for this process. For those with longer hair, a blow dry brush or blow dryer and velcro rollers will be key. Those with shorter hair may be able to get away with utilizing their natural texture, but if not, a smaller barrel blow dry brush or standard blow dryer can assist you here. You’ll also need a volumizing product, styling or smoothing cream, and in some cases a hair oil, but definitely a super-wide-toothed comb.

Tips for Long Fluffy Hair

When working with long hair and trying to create a fluffy blowout look, it is always best to start with damp, towel-dried locks. Add in your foundational products at this step, like a root volumizer, or thickener if needed, as well as a styling cream throughout your ends to provide some hold.

Using your blow dry brush or blow dryer, round half-inch to one-inch sections of your hair upward toward the top of your head (this will create more volume). After you dry each section, roll the hair onto a velcro roller and pin it. Roll your rollers in a mix of toward and away from the face to create more body and movement. When you get to the bangs or fringe area, be sure to blow dry back and away, then use the velcro roller the same (this will create that perfect curtain shape). Hairspray and set your rollers for up to an hour, pull them out carefully, and finish with a bit of hair oil on the ends and a wide tooth comb.

Tips for Short Fluffy Hair

Creating short fluffy hair is a bit of a different process. The steps here can differ greatly depending on your natural hair texture. For some, blow drying towel-dried hair from underneath will create just enough “fluff” and volume to create the style. For others, more products and scrunching are needed.

Overall, the best way to get this look on short hair is to start with damp, or dampen your hair, apply a volume powder or styling cream, then blow dry upward or scrunch. Experimenting with different products can create different levels of finish as well. If you prefer something more polished, aim for a styling cream. If you prefer a matte, beachy look, a volume powder or salt spray can be your best friend.

Best Products to Help You Achieve Fluffy Hair

Creating long-lasting fluffy hairstyles comes down to using quality products. Here are a few of our favorites.

Kenra Professional’s Volume Spray 25

$26 at Ulta.com

Ouai’s high-performance Volume Spray will create a great foundation for big, fluffy hair. This volume spray provides the maximum amount of volume and hold to help your style last all day, without that crunchy, sticky feel that some volume sprays leave behind.

Ouai's Volume Spray from Ulta
(Image Source: Ulta.com)

Kristen Ess’ Working Texture Loose Styling Powder

$11 at Ulta.com

Kristen Ess’ Working Texture Loose Styling Powder is a great choice for amplifying both short and long fluffy hair. This texture powder creates instant grip in the hair with a medium hold, making it easier to create volume that will stay. Sprinkling this on at the roots or all over shorter, fluffy hair will create tons of texture.

Kristen Ess' Working Texture Loose Styling Powder, available at Ulta
(Image Source: Ulta.com)

Verb’s Ghost Weightless Hair Oil

$20 at Ulta.com

This cult favorite hair oil by Verb is truly magical. Its ability to soften and smooth lengths and ends without weighing down or compromising your hairstyle is almost unheard of. No matter your texture of hair, this hair oil provides major shine and nourishment, perfect for finishing touches on your fluffy hairstyle. Run a drop or two of this through your ends at the end of styling for a seamlessly sealed style.

Ghost Weightless Hair Oil by Verb, available at Ulta.
(Image Source: Ulta.com)

Revlon’s One-Step Volumizer Blow Dry Brush

$64.99 at Ulta.com

You’re really going to want this one. Sure, you can blow dry and round brush with your standard dryer and brushes, but the Revlon One-Step Blow Dry Brush has made this portion of the fluffy hair styling a breeze. Save your arms and save some time with this affordable blow dry brush option.

Revlon's One-Step Volumizing Blow Dry Brush from Ulta.com
(Image Source: Ulta.com)

Conair Classic Self-Grip Hair Rollers

$8.74 at Walmart.com

Velcro rollers are a must for creating the long, fluffy hair blowout. This assorted set from Conair includes multiple sizes and 31 pieces, meaning you’re sure to have enough to cover your whole head. Bonus points for smaller rollers being included for those who need them with shorter hair or fringe.

Conair Velcro Hair Rollers from Walmart
(Image Source: Walmart.com)

Ready to make that fluffy hair last?! HERE are four easy ways to extend the life of your blowout!

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