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Franchesca Ramsey Natural Hair Twists

Breaking down negative social constructs one viral YouTube video at a time, vlogger Franchesca Ramsey is quite the role model. While we are inspired by and grateful for her social awareness, we are also in awe of her gorgeous mane!

Franchesca Ramsey Natural Hair Twists

As the host of MTV’s “Decoded,” each week the YouTube star drops some serious knowledge. When she’s not waking up the masses, Ramsey is pursuing her creative endeavors with original share-worthy videos on her personal YouTube channel, Chescaleigh. It takes a lot of guts to publicly tackle sensitive topics like politics, prejudice, and racism on the internet, but Ramsey does it with style and grace. The 31-year-old actress and comedian typically wears her beautiful locs in the most epic updos. Not one to keep invaluable wisdom to herself, Ramsey also has a YouTube channel for sharing her incredible hair tips.

Franchesca Ramsey Natural Hair Twists

On Chescalocs, Ramsey offers ENDLESS #manespiration for loc hairstyles. No matter if she’s wearing her hair up or down, the vlogger constantly exudes elegance with her intricate woven updos, bunhawks, braided crowns, and spiral curls.

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