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BLOGGERS WHOSE HAIR WE LOVE: Freddie Harrel of She Unleashed

Unleashing her endless style inspiration to empower women all over the world, fashion blogger Frédérique Harrel (better known as Freddie) is our mane crush of the week.

Freddie Harrel Afro She Unleashed

The London-based Parisian is known for her gorgeous full afro and stunning fashion sense. With her community-based movement, She Unleashed, Harrel teaches women how to embrace their own fashion sense and build confidence. She’s already a live example!

Freddie Harrel Afro She Unleashed

The fabulous stylist-turned-consultant keeps her followers on edge with her double-tap worthy #OOTD posts. While her fashion style is colorful and exciting, Harrel rocks a simple signature hairstyle — a side part curly afro.

Freddie Harrel Afro She Unleashed

Whether she’s glamming up or dressing down, Harrel’s go-to-hairstyle works every time! Major #hairgoal envy!

Freddie Harrel Afro

Follow Freddie Harrel @FreddieHarrel for more #manespiration.

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