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The Hair Rituals You Should Practice During the Taurus Full Moon

The astrology over the past few weeks has been a bit rough (for some more than others) to say the least. And with the upcoming full moon eclipse in Taurus on November 8, things are about to get even more interesting. Of course, we wanted to know how this would impact us and also our hair. We notice we tend to get a little bit drastic during the full moon, which has led to some questionable hair choices over the years. Anyone else? That’s why we reached out to celebrity astrologer and lifestyle writer Lauren Ash to have her break down what we can expect from this Taurus full moon and how to care for our hair during it. Scroll below for her expert advice!

Full moon in Taurus hair care rituals | Mane Addicts
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About the Expert

Lauren Ash is a celebrity astrologer, lifestyle writer, and host of the Birth Chart Pls podcast.

What to Expect From the Taurus Full Moon 2022

Full moons are often an emotionally charged time, and this full moon proves to be no exception. Ash shares that this is a time of reflection and release, one that will bring “sweeping energetic changes on both the individual and collective level.” She goes on to say, “This upcoming lunar eclipse will join forces with the North Node of Destiny in Taurus, adding an inspirational and aspirational boost to any big decisions you’re pondering. And the opposition created with Uranus, the planet of rebellion, encourages you to take a leap into the unexpected and shake things up a bit.”

Not all signs will feel the weight of this full moon the same—some will definitely feel it more than others. Ash notes that Taurus and Scorpio placements will be the most impacted and notes that “they’re the most inclined to make a drastic change to their look during this full moon.” But Taurus and Scorpio placements aren’t the only ones itching to update their appearance. “Fellow fixed signs Leo and Aquarius might also get the urge to change their appearance ahead of the holidays,” says Ash.

Taurus Full Moon Hair Care

For those with Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, and Aquarius placements, you’re likely feeling the need to do something drastic. But put the dye and scissors down before you’re left with a cut or color you regret. Instead, Ash suggests satiating this impulse with temporary or even semi-permanent hair dye. “You could also treat yourself to some colorful clip-in extensions to give yourself a no-stakes way to experiment with your look,” she says.

In general, the full moon is a good time for some regularly scheduled hair maintenance. “Focusing on beauty treatments that give your hair added strength and shine works well with the energy of the full moon,” notes Ash. “Astrologically, this is a great time to give yourself a (light) trim, try a scalp oil treatment, or pamper yourself with a deep conditioning session.” You heard the astrologer, get to pampering yourself!

Curious to find out why you shouldn’t get a drastic chop during the full moon? THIS is why!

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