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Fur Is the Ingrown Hair Solution We’ve Been Waiting For

You’ve seen them in Instagram ads and on Ulta shelves, you’ve heard them discussed by your favorite celebrities. Meet Fur, the ingrown hair solution we’ve been waiting for. In 2014, Fur CEO and co-founder Laura Schubert noticed that while many beauty products were turning towards natural ingredients and more inclusive messaging, one area of self-care remained in the dark ages: grooming. Body hair products focused solely on removal, portraying body hair as a problem instead of a preference. So Laura set out to change that with Fur, a gender neutral, all-natural solution to every one of your grooming needs. We sat down with the entrepreneur to find out how Fur revolutionized the way we talk and think about body hair.
(via Fur)

What was the inspiration behind starting Fur?

Fur is about a more inclusive definition of beauty, whether you think the bush is back or skin is in. We spent two years developing and testing and officially launched in 2016. Today, we’re still one of the few totally women-run and women-owned businesses in this space

Before Fur, you had a very successful career as a management consultant. What was it like leaving that behind? How do you feel your prior experience and education prepared you for starting Fur?

I worked for large companies with salary and benefits for a decade, so it was a big change to become an entrepreneur!  Honestly, I don’t think I fully appreciated the stability I had enjoyed until I struck out on my own. That being said, management consulting prepared me well because I had the opportunity to work in so many industries and look at so many different business problems.  My first job in consulting, I made thousands of cold calls, which made me completely fearless about picking up the phone and calling someone I didn’t know to discuss a topic I didn’t understand. At the end of the day, experience and expertise is important, but ultimately persistence is what pushes a business forward.

Fur‘s message of inclusivity is super important, especially when it comes to a taboo subject like body hair. How do you hope to see Fur change the way we think and talk about body hair?

We’re so proud that the Fur brand began a non-judgemental, safe conversation about a topic that was once only whispered about. We hope to continue to push that conversation further into the open, in a way that celebrates freedom and openness without having to whisper or resort to using old-fashioned euphemisms. Everyone should feel like the way they take care of their hair is normal, without having to stress about or judge what other people are doing with theirs.


(via Fur)

What do you think sets Fur apart from other brands?

While other brands on the market seem to want to make themselves more of a niche, we always wanted to make our products inclusive to a wider range of people, which is why we try to keep our branding very gender neutral. We also wanted to make sure our products could be used in any grooming regimen, whether you choose to shave, wax, laser, or keep all your hair. Fur also speaks in a much more frank and open way than other brands. Although the market has grown around vaginal health and wellness, there are few products out there that explicitly say “pubic hair”, which is why we felt it was important to state that on our packaging.

We love that Fur is committed to natural skin care. Why was that commitment important to you?

When you’re creating a new category, building trust with your audience is incredibly important. Before Fur, the only products on the market meant for pubic skin were full of alcohols, acids, and added fragrances. Even worse, most products that are marketed towards pubic skin or hair removal are not gynecologically tested. That’s why it was a no brainer for us that Fur Oil should be 100% natural, vegan, cruelty-free and facial-grade, and both dermatologically and gynecologically tested. We want to be a company that’s as transparent as possible.

We’ve got to ask about your signature, simple-but-stylish packaging. What inspired this aesthetic?

When we looked at what other body hair or ingrown-focused products in the market looked like, we saw a sea of pinks, purples, glittery packaging, and weird male gaze-y images of women’s bodies. We knew that part of fighting the body hair taboo was to create a product that didn’t feel embarrassing to have on your vanity or bathroom counter. Our packaging was meant to invoke a classic elegance, based off vintage YSL perfume bottles. We wanted Fur to stand in opposition to those products and to invoke the timeless elegance of being honest about our bodies and body hair without being condescending.


(via Fur)

For those of us just getting into Fur, what products do you recommend we start with?

If Fur is new to you, I’d have to recommend Fur Oil—it’s the most multi-purpose, and it plays well with any routine. However, if you’d like something more specific to your routine, Ingrown Concentrate is a great spot treatment for sensitive skin types, or people more prone to ingrowns. Stubble Cream is an incredibly rich yet featherlight all over body moisturizer and perfect for people looking for an aftershave. And Silk Scrub is a facial-grade triple action exfoliator that’s great for those looking to slough away dull skin. We also recently launched two on-the-go wipes, cleansing Wash Cloth and ingrown zapping Ingrown Eliminator, which are perfect for people who need a TSA-friendly skincare routine.

What’s next for Fur?

As for what’s next for Fur, we’re constantly asking our fans, estheticians, and friends about what they’d like to see next from Fur, so anything we come out with next will be a reflection on that dialogue. All we can say is that you’ve gotta keep an eye out! We’re really excited for this holiday season and all that we’ve got planned around that—so stay tuned.

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