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What Will the Future of the Hair Industry Look Like on TikTok, Post-Social Distancing? An Expert Weighs In

While the typically booming hair industry hit an extremely low point in recent months due to coronavirus restrictions, it continues to soar on social media—TikTok in particular.

From users posting DIY ‘dos, to hair professionals posting intricate bite-sized tutorials, there’s something for everyone when it comes to the mane on the popular app.

But once more businesses open up and people have less time on their hands (along with access to professional services), the direction of TikTok will certainly change when it comes to hair content. To gain some insight into the future, we reached out to JPMS Influencer Marketing Manager Jasmine Duarte, who helped launch the wildly successful Decades of Hair campaign which has almost 8 billion views. Keep reading for what she had to say!

Mane Addicts: How do you expect hair content to change on TikTok, post-social distancing?

Jasmine Duarte: Post-social distancing, when salons are open nationwide, I see there being lots of transformation videos, both for people getting their hair done and for stylists! Transitional videos are one of my favorite types on TikTok, and who doesn’t love a good before-and-after? 

MA: In what ways do you expect TikTok to be a continued marketable platform for hair professionals and brands, post-social distancing? 

JD: TikTok, its content and demographic has and will continue to evolve—and for brands wanting to expand their audience to include Gen Z, having a presence and creating relevant content for TikTok will be major for social marketing efforts. It’s important to have TikTok top of mind when developing social calendars and creating content. TikTok was made popular by Gen Z and is definitely on its way to becoming just as, if not more popular, than Instagram.

Now would be a good time for brands and professionals to familiarize themselves with how TikTok works and what kind of content performs best. This will help brands and professionals adapt in the future as the social platform evolves and implements new features. I read recently TikTok is testing a Shop Now feature which will be major when it rolls out to all accounts.

MA: Why has TikTok been such a dependable platform for the hair industry amid quarantine? 

JD: TikTok in general has become an amazing source to learn just about anything, from cooking to deep cleaning to plant care. Those tips and tricks have naturally made it to beauty and hair. The platform has become dependable because these videos are so quick and digestible. They’re no more than 60 seconds, so content creators keep it fast and straightforward, without compromising the quality of content.

MA: How has JPMS expanded their brand on TikTok prior to coronavirus through present times?

JD: JPMS knew in Dec. 2019 we were going to do a TikTok campaign on our founding day, March 31, to celebrate our 40-year anniversary. Our strategy was to kick off our page seven weeks prior to the campaign, laying the groundwork by creating content, interacting with our pro and consumer community and growing our following. We had a viral moment at the end of February reacting to a hairstylist doing her hair with Paul Mitchell color, and our reaction video received 1.1M views! This was one of our goals and we were extremely happy to see it come through.

When it was time to activate #DecadesofHair for our 40-year anniversary, it was a given we wanted to play into the decades theme and have an original song. We also knew transition and transformation videos do very well on TikTok, combine that with ’80s, ’90s, early ’00s looks, it was a match made in TikTok heaven. We never thought our campaign was going to activate during a pandemic, but it did, and considering the circumstance, we knew there were a lot of new users on TikTok and were excited to see how people would respond to #DecadesofHair. More than 7B video views and 2M video creations later, we are thrilled this campaign resonated with so many users!

To date, we are still creating relevant content and connecting with our pro and consumer communities and look forward to having another viral moment!

MA: Is there anything else you’d like to add about TikTok, social media marketing amid quarantine, or the future of JPMS?

JD: At times, social media has gained a reputation of tearing people apart and making us feel less connected, but during covid-19, social media has really brought people together. It was always meant to bring people together, and although it’s far from perfect, it does continue to teach people new things every day. I’ve been working in social media and influencer marketing for 10 years, and seeing content and social platforms evolve has been some of my favorite things to witness and be part of. I can’t wait to see TikTok’s continued growth and what other social platforms emerge in the next decade.

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