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Gabrielle Union’s 10 Most Iconic Hair Moments

We all talk about the many hats our girl Gabrielle Union wears. It’s hard not to — she’s an actress, author, entrepreneur and all around icon. But why is no one talking about this woman’s hair!? Name a style, texture, or length and we can guarantee she has worn it beautifully. Don’t just take our word for it, scroll through below and find all her best hair moments so far below!

Straight Bob

The volume! The glam! The a-line! Oh, my. This sleek, straight bob is utter perfection for a red carpet or street style look, in our book. Paired with natural, nude makeup, the style just really pops, too.

(via Getty)

Can’t Be Tamed Curls

Only Gabrielle could rock a deep side part with curls straight out of the lion’s den. More than likely, she ran a comb through her naturally gorgeous strands, spritzed on a little styling product, and hopped out the door. It looks so effortlessly natural (and stunning) it just had to be included here.

(via Getty)


Going from wild, natural coils to a protective style is no easy (or quick) feat. But Gabrielle does so with extreme refinement and poise. Let her long, striking braids be your inspo for a new end-of-summer transition style.

(via Getty)

Elegant Updo

Can you say Homecoming hair inspo? This updo is everything of the sort. A headband always pulls a look together, but even more so when it’s embellished and worn for a formal occasion.

(via Getty)

Lob With Bangs

Gabrielle is all about versatility, folks. One week she rocks the curls, the next a lightly curled lob with bangs. It’s called balance.

(via Getty)

Pixie Cut

In case you were wondering, yes, she can also pull off a pixie cut — let us serve up the proof. And not just any pixie cut, my friends. It also has subtle layers.

(via Getty)

Double High Bun

Tired of the same old high bun? Take a leaf from Gabrielle’s book and make it a double.

(via Getty)

Half-Up, Half-Down

Whether she chooses to opt for a curly or straight style, it’s always a winner. This long, silky half-up, half-down ‘do is an absolute show stopper.

(via Getty)

Curls for Days

Going au naturel is Gab’s speciality. In this case, the shorter curls are a vibe. 

(via Getty)

Slicked Back Curly Pony

A slicked back pony always looks ultra glam, but make it curly and you’re in business. As usual, Gabrielle is a flawless queen in this look and it’s perfect for transitional summer to fall weather.

(via Getty)

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