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Channel Your Inner Khaleesi with This Game of Thrones Waterfall Braid

If you glued yourself to the couch to soak up every second of the premiere of the seventh season of Game of Thrones, then SAME. The show’s return re-ignited our love for grandiose braids. Look the part while watching the next episode with a Khaleesi-inspired waterfall braid. Below, Nine Zero One Salon stylist and braid expert Denise Madrigal breaks down the Game of Thrones hair with a step-by-step featuring key ingredient T3 Micro Twirl Convertible.

Step 1

Starting with dry hair, use the T3 Twirl Convertible Curling Iron to add waves and texture.

Step 2

Part hair down the center and on one side, begin an inverted French braid. Make sure to ONLY pull pieces from the top into the braid because we want enough hair on the bottom half to create another braid underneath it.

game of thrones hair how to braids

Step 3

Continue braiding from the side until you have reached the back of the head. Clip it to the side of the head to secure. Now repeat the same braid on the other side of the head.

game of thrones hair how to braids

Step 4

Once you’ve finished creating the two top side braids, grab the first braid and conjoin the two together then clip to secure.

Step 5

Create the same two braids underneath the top ones. Make sure to leave enough hair out at the bottom so it doesn’t appear stringy.

Step 6

Combine the bottom two braids once you reach the back of the head and continue braiding all the way down.

game of thrones hair braids denise madrigal

Step 7
Now you have three braids (2 on the top and one bigger one on the bottom). Grab all three braids and combine into one big braid.

game of thrones hair how to game of thrones braids

Step 8

Secure with an elastic and finish with hairspray!


Recreate this equally cute twisted rope braid topknot.

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