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I Tried Garnier’s New Nutrisse Color Reviver to Give My Brassy Highlights a Boost

When quarantine kicked off mid-March, my mahogany locks were more vibrant than ever. I remember thinking, wow, for a shade that fades the fastest, it’s still surprisingly going strong. I hadn’t gotten my color done since the end of December, and it wasn’t something that crossed my mind until maybe a month ago, in mid-April, deep into social distancing.

Four months is a long time to go without touching up your hue, but I have peek-a-boo highlights that show up depending on how I move around. If they’re grown out, it doesn’t really make a difference because they’re concealed by a thick layer of hair. That said, the brassiness was becoming more and more apparent—and while it wasn’t as high on my priority list as covering up my grays, it was starting to make me look a bit dull. But even so, I had no plans to ever attempt any at-home dye jobs. It may work for some, but I’m not in college anymore and can’t take those risks.

So, when I received a press release from Garnier’s team about a slew of varying at-home hair treatments, I was immediately intrigued. Sure, there were some box dye options, but there were many other products, too, with much easier application—one of which being their new Nutrisse Color Revivers. These simple, gloss-like treatments come in five shades (Warm Brown, Vibrant Red, Vibrant Copper, Golden Blonde, and Cool Blonde), and I obviously opted for the red.

The Reviver sits on your hair for 5-10 mins (I probably should have left it on longer since I hadn’t gotten it done in months). It’s applied like an all-over conditioner, and I noticed an immediate difference. I’ll probably give it another go during my next wash, now that I’ve experienced how it works, and can likely do it more effectively.

It’s important to note that it doesn’t change the color of your non-highlighted hair. Like, I tried leaving it on gray spots for longer and it didn’t change their shade whatsoever, nor did it enhance the color of my naturally brown strands. But when applied to the faded red, it gave it new life. Again, I wish I’d left it on longer than the suggested 10 minutes, but I can do that next time I wash my hair.

While this isn’t anything like dye and it’s incredibly easy to use with minimal mess (just be sure to wash your hands after application), you still want to be mindful of where you apply the product. I noticed after my hair dried that some strands were richer in tone than others. I need to be more careful next time about applying the consistency proportionately.

A tube of this miracle product is only $9.99, and depending on how much hair you have, it can likely last 3-4 washes. This product can only do more good than harm, as it’s not going to give you any unwanted color—only brighten up the areas that were already highlighted, and with only the shade you had it done. I’ve only used it once so far, so I can’t yet comment on how long the color holds.

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