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MANE MUSE: An Interview with Nicole Warne of @garypeppergirl

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48 hours in Paris is quite the quick trip.  Throw in a hangout session with L’oreal Professional’s ‘it’ girl, Nicole Warne, and we’ve got a recipe for some intense style conversation. You may know Nicole as her pseudo name @GaryPepperGirl and with an Instagram following that’s surpassed the 1 million mark, it’s easy to guess that she might possibly take over the world. So what would I ask someone who’s consistently traveling the globe with breathtaking photos to prove it… naturally it’s all about the hair.


First things first, who does your hair?

NW: I actually don’t have a go-to hairstylist. I like to do my own purely for time management and I try to keep it really relatable.  That way my audience can recreate the look at home really easily.  However, you can’t top working with Sam Mcknight.  Now that I’ve worked with him I think I’m ruined… he’s a genius!


How is working with Sam?


NW:  An amazing experience!  He’s relatable/normal yet someone so prestigious it’s very inspiring to see.  Working with someone who is so down to earth humble and normal has really been a personal highlight of the ProFiber campaign.


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Do you have a daily hair regimen or any products can’t live without?


NW:  I style my hair everyday so it’s adding texture and usually in a wave.  After working on the ProFiber Campaign the Hollywood waves range has set well in my daily routine.   And! Now that I’ve colored my hair (for the first time ever) I’ve also been doing the hair masks to maintain my color and hair health! The sun is so strong in Austrailia so doing the hair masks have added a lot of hydration and protection.


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Which woman of iconic status would you trade hair with for a day?


NW: Hairstyles?! Oooh. Maybe Rihanna? Is that too pop culture? (laughs) Emma Watson? I feel like she embodies a very positive image for women and every hairstyle she has is so elegant yet shes had fun with it as well.  Either either I’d take both.  They’re just so completely opposite!! I think Rihanna is fun but I guess Emma is more in line with how I wear my hair.


I feel like Rihanna covers every single aspect!


NW: Every single color! Every single cut!  I don’t think I would suit half of them but you know to be able to change my hair as frequently as that, especially after having my hair colored for the campaign, I think it just opened up a different side of my personalities; now I’m all about experimenting with color!


Any hairstyles through the years that you’ve absolutely regretted having?


NW: Um yeah I think everyone has those!  I don’t know if it was a huge hair trend over seas but in Australia there was a really big phase in highschool where it was really thinned out in the bottom, like a mullet, and really layered on top; I kind of looked like I was in  rock band with a fringe as well.  I think I had a third of the thickness that my hair has now so I looked absolutely insane… but i don’t regret it!!! It was really appropriate for the time it just took me a reeeally long time to grow that out.  I’m not sure what I was thinking at the time but it makes you realize how important an over all look is.  Even now how coloring my hair has made me feel like a different person. Who knows what color it will be in 3 months time!


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Is there any hair style or color you’ve seen that you’d like to potentially try?


NW:  I’ve always wanted to go navy.  So Frederick is going to dye my  hair navy tomorrow and we’re going to give it a fresh cut.  And you know I think I want to maintain the color but I’m also really excited to be in the sun for a bit and see what color it’s going to go!  And maybe red!! I’ve always wanted to be a redhead.  Oh and purple! When I went to the Maldives with the intense sun close to the equator, my hair, with all that exposure started turning all these colors and it was so fun!


Because you’re in the sun so much, do you have any hair products that you use to protect your hair?


NW: I use deep conditioning masks (A LOT) to replenish the moisture!




Are there any other people in the “Instagram community” that you admire their style as a whole?


NW: Yeah! The internet is such a weird space because I’ve met a lot of my really good friends there. I’m friends with their boyfriends, their teams, and it’s just really great way to meet everyone.  I draw inspiration from all the girls I meet but I love Miroslav Duma, everything she wears is flawless.  I love Pernille… which is a girl I think everyone has found through Tommy Ton.. she’s from Sweden and she’s got that really chic Swedish look and there’s Leandra Medine from The Man Repeller!  I love anyone who has a really unique point of difference but isn’t trying to be someone they’re not; I think it’s actually a really fine line to finding that balance.



 Be sure to follow @garypeppergirl for daily inspiration, #manespiration, and everything your wanderlust heart could dream of…
and keep an eye out for Nicole as L’Oreal Professionnel’s Fall 2015 “It” girl!

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