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10 Rainbow Hairstyles You Need to Try for Pride

Pride month is in full swing and there’s no better time to show off your, well, pride. Whether you belong to the LGBTQIA+ community or try your best to be an ally, we’ve got just the thing—some rainbow hair trends perfect for any Pride celebration. Scroll below to find the hue that works for you!

Pastel Pop

Get you some Rapunzel of Sweden pastel tape-in extensions for a pretty pop of color. We’re not exaggerating when we say the extensions are easy-breezy to put in, and they’ll last you all Pride weekend. Rainbow hair made easy!

Mad Max Braids

Make your head the pride focal point with Mad Max-inspired braids spiked with spunky colored threads.

Unicorn Pony

Take it from Victoria’s Secret vixen Josephine Skriver and sport the high ponytail she paraded through NYC Pride last year. Click here for the step-by-step tutorial.

Temporary Tresses

Not down to ditch your healthy mane and commit to a rainbow hair? Reach for some temporary color spray to score over-the-rainbow rad highlights.

Floral Hair Carving

Hit up your stylist ahead of Pride weekend and slip your strands into a fierce haircut like this hair carving by hair graffiti artist Janine Ker.

My Little Pony Curls

Let your curls run wild and free during the parade with a My Little Pony pastel dye job.

Rainbow Royalty

What’s Pride without a sublime mane? Go for a regal crown braid atop an eye-popping rainbow.

In-Between Color

Eugene Souleiman’s colorful braided ponytail made the ultimate Maison Margiela muse on the runway and doubles as the perfect look to re-create for Pride. Grab some colored thread from your local craft store and braid, baby, braid!

Shaved Rainbow

Shave your head and rock some braided space buns for the ultimate rainbow hairstyle for Pride.

Hidden Rainbow

A low key lit rainbow hair look for the shy, a hidden rainbow color job is for you.

Do some of these temporary options have you ready to try out rainbow hair for real? HERE is how to give your hair a taste of the rainbow without completely destroying it!

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