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Gemini Hair Guide: The Best Cuts, Colors, & More for the Zodiac Sign

Gemini season is here, making the beginning of an exciting and eventful time for many of us. We’re moving out of stable Taurus season and into a more playful period. Now’s a great time to get social and be curious. Knowing that, we wanted to put together something special for our Gemini readers—a Gemini hair guide. From haircuts to hair colors, we shared all the fitting styles for the mutable air sign below!

Best Haircuts for a Gemini

A Gemini can sometimes be hard to please, though we know these cuts are exactly what the twins are looking for. They offer a sense of freedom and adaptability, which is more than fitting for the zodiac sign.

Airspace Haircut

The airspace haircut is a trendy new style seen on celebrities everywhere. With an emphasis on being airy, it’s the perfect ‘do for this air sign. The cut can be done short or long, so a Gemini will never get bored of this style.

Mixie Haircut

The mixie combines the best parts of the mullet and the pixie, so a Gemini can get the best of both worlds with this short hairstyle. It’s playful and fun, just like the air sign.

Bixie Haircut

Another combination haircut, the bixie haircut mixes a pixie with a bob. This is fitting for the Gemini that can’t decide if they want a long or short style.

’90s Heartthrob Bob

The ’90s are back, baby. We love the fluidity the heartthrob bob has to offer, as it works for any gender identity. A Gemini can play up their masculinity with it one day and their femininity the next.

Best Hair Colors for a Gemini

Color is key. And we found a few hair colors we think highlight the best parts of every Gemini—their curiosity, adaptability, and brains.

Color-Changing Hair

This isn’t exactly one color, but many. For the Gemini who can’t decide which hue to dye their strands, opt for a color-changing hair dye. With a little heat, hair color can change from dark green to light green.


We know white can feel a bit drab for a spontaneous Gemini, but that’s exactly why it’s perfect. It offers a blank canvas for the air sign to paint… literally.

Reverse Balayage

Balayage is all about lightening the strands, whereas reverse balayage adds some shadows and dimension back in. A Gemini knows that you can’t have light without darkness, so this sultry shade will really suit them.


Yellow is the power color for the air sign, meaning any and every Gemini can pull off the radiant hue. In fact, they may feel more connected with themselves doing so.

Best Hairstyles for a Gemini

There really is no hairstyle a Gemini can’t pull off, but we wanted to share some of our favorites. The few below play up the everything we love most about the sign.

Mini Space Buns

Space buns just really scream Gemini, in our humble opinion. They’re spunky and playful, both traits a Gemini exudes.

Double Braids

Whether they’re French or Dutch, double braids are a great hairstyle for Gemini because they play up the sign’s duality.

Tousled Tresses

Just because they’re one of the smartest signs in the zodiac doesn’t mean they always have to appear put together. Opting for some tousled tresses is oh-so-fun for a Gemini.

Baby Braids

Braids are really just a perfect style for a Gemini. With baby braids being a huge trend, we know this sign can pull them off better than anyone.

Best Hair Accessories for a Gemini

We couldn’t finish this post without sharing some accessories that best suit a Gemini.

Bobby Pins

A Gemini can never have too many bobby pins. Whether they’re being used to secure a braid or fake short hair, the sign could use more than they know.

Hair Extensions

Because a Gemini can never decide if they want their hair long or short, some extensions are exactly what they need.

Temporary Hair Color

Again, a Gemini is as indecisive as they come. Some temporary hair colors are a great way for them to change up their hair without it being permanent.

Small Elastic Hair Ties

Just as a Gemini needs a multitude of bobby pins, they also need plenty of elastic hair ties. We’re specifically referring to the mini clear rubber bands, as these will help a Gemini create any hairstyle they’re dreaming of.

While we still have your interest, HERE are some celebrity Geminis with the best hair!

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