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Yin and Yang Hairstyles Only a Gemini Can Pull Off

Gemini season has arrived and we wanted to celebrate one of our favorite zodiac signs. The best way to do that? Sharing some fitting Gemini hairstyles for the air sign, duh! Whether you’re a Gemini sun, moon, or rising, or have a Gemini that’s near and dear to your heart, these looks perfectly capture the personality of this zodiac sign. Scroll below to browse these yin and yang-inspired hairstyles now.

Split Dye Hair

Though split dye is a more obvious hairstyle for the duplicitous Gemini, we had to include it. There really isn’t a hairstyle more fitting for the twins than this one right here. And it can be done with a multitude of colors, so any Gemini will be able to change it up as often as they change their personality.

Two-Toned Mullet

This trendy hairstyle just screams Gemini. It’s fun, flirty, and bright. What more could you ask for? A Gemini looking to add some edge to their look will surely adore the two-toned mullet. Again, the colors can change as often as a Gemini would like—and we know that’s very often.

Skunk Hair

Skunk hair is a trend we never saw coming, yet we absolutely love it. Chunky black and white highlights are the name of the game with this perfect Gemini ‘do. The shade is a conversation starter for sure, not that Gemini needs any help getting a convo going.

Dip Dye Messy Bob

Bobs are a great haircut for Gemini because they highlight the sign’s blunt manner and quick-wittedness. Adding some dip dye to the strands showcases a Gemini’s playful nature as well. A Gemini can’t really go wrong with this hairstyle.

Surprise Pops of Color

Pops of color are perfect for the mutable sign that tends to be indecisive. They can hide the color when they tire of it by placing a brighter shade in between panels or even underneath.

Half-Shaved Head

A half-shaved head is an opportunity for a Gemini to be really expressive with their hairstyle. Plus, it’s the most yin and yang-inspired look out of all of them. The twins embody that energy to a T.

Block Coloring

A bit of bock coloring will really suit a Gemini because it’s a way to be less committed to a color they’ve been thinking about. If they end up liking the hue, then they can have a bit more fun with their color blocking.

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