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Gen Z-Approved Summer Hair Trends to Live Your Best Hot Girl Summer

Much like side parts and skinny jeans, Gen Z is still on track to determine what hair and style trends are deemed acceptable in society. And given we’re a site that focuses on those luscious locks, it’s imperative we break down the hottest summer hair trends for 2021, according the dominating generation.

From next-level lengths to honey blonde highlights, keep reading for five Gen Z-approved summer hair trends.

Honey Blonde Hues

Summer and blonde go hand-in-hand, so it’s not like we expected 2021 to be an exception. But honey blonde, in particular, is taking precedence over a traditionally bleached mane, as evidenced by ultimate babes Addison Rae and Olivia Jade.

Long Hair, Don’t Care

While older generations like to change it up (or opt for a shorter ‘do altogether), Gen Z is proving that a classic, long-haired look is still the style of choice. Pay no mind to scorching hot temps—the aesthetic is what counts!

Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs have dominated 2021 up to this point, and it doesn’t appear they’re going anywhere as we embark on the fresh season. Jayden Bartels just got a fresh chop, and Olivia Rouyre continues wearing hers with pride.

Artificial Hair Enhancements

Earlier we said long hair don’t care, and boy were we not kidding. When it comes to the hottest summer hair trends, Gen Z wants you to know there’s no shame in wigs and extensions to give you hair lengths of epic proportions. After all, fake it til ya make it, amirite?

Shaggy Layers

Shaggy layers are totally fresh for the season, as both Billie Eilish and Bartels donned the lightweight look at the same time. Perfect for sweat-inducing sunshine, these thinly chopped strands are quite the opposite of the aforementioned booty-long lengths.

More proof Gen Z is killin’ the hair game? HERE are six times they proved they can accessorize their tresses better than the rest of us!

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