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Gender-Neutral Beauty Brand Alder NY Has the Ultimate Texture Powder

Allow me to introduce you to your new favorite unisex beauty brand.

Brooklyn-based Alder New York is shaking up the industry with a revolutionary line of skincare and haircare products. Founded by career creatives and longtime best friends Nina Zilka & David J. Krause, Alder New York is all about smart, simplified, authentic personal care. With legitimately clean formulas and a seriously sleek aesthetic, every product Alder New York makes is vegan, cruelty-free, and locally manufactured. Made ethically and made for everyone.

I tried out the brand’s famed texture powder and, plot twist, it’s even better than I expected. Read on for my breakdown of this indie brand’s most versatile hair product.

Via Note PR

The Minimalist Design Is Travel-Approved.

First of all, I’m in love with this minimalist packaging. Sleek, efficient, and super neutral- the little bottle looks right at home among my other favorite haircare products. The 3 oz size also makes this powerful powder the ideal travel product. Perfect for a purse, a major plus when it comes to volumizing on the go.

The Formula Is 100% Natural. For Real.

Many brands boast “natural” ingredients, but a closer look reveals a host of chemical additives. This vegan texture powder actually delivers with a 100% natural formula that is just as, if not more, effective than other chemical-laden alternatives. Alder New York’s texture powder uses antimicrobial shavegrass powder, rich mineral sea clay, and eucalyptus oil to draw out excess hair oils, reduce scalp inflammation and give your tresses a rapid refresh with a spa-like scent.

Via Note PR

It Doubles As A Damn Good Dry Shampoo.

Personally, I am all about a double duty product. I have super-straight, fine hair with blunt eyebrow-skimming bangs that I just *can’t* stop touching, so oiliness is one of my consistent strand struggles. Dry shampoos and texturizing sprays are my go-to products for a mid-day mane refresh. So naturally, I’m over the moon for dual purpose products like this one. Not only does this texture powder provide just the right amount of body to my flat-falling tresses, it also absorbs oil with ease. Just a dash of Alder New York’s texture powder at my roots immediately gave my mane an unparalleled just-washed freshness. And while some powder formulas can leave behind a visible white residue, this one vanished without a trace, leaving behind nothing but lovely, lifted locks. 10/10 will be buying multiple bottles of this dual action powder ASAP!

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