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Get the Most Out of Your Leave-In Conditioner


10 . 08 . 18
Nina Aghadjanian

Nina Aghadjanian

Associate Social Media Manager at Mane Addicts
Nina Aghadjanian

After her stylist and colorist, a leave-in conditioner is a girl’s best friend. After the shower, we can count on our leave-in conditioner to drive away knots and leave a layer of silky-softness that no regular conditioner could ever rival. Your leave-in conditioner, however, is only as good as the way and time in which you apply it. Ahead, discover five ways to maximize the benefits of a leave-in conditioner for utmost moisture.

1. Start with Clean Hair

A clean slate allows for a leave-in conditioner to cling to your hair and penetrate the cuticle for maximum benefits, so before you spritz your way to silky strands, make sure you wash and condition your hair. This means ridding your mane of any product build-up and silicones. To clear the way for your leave-in conditioner, use an all-natural cleanser or post-shampoo toner like an apple cider vinegar rinse or scalp scrub to free the hair of toxic ingredients, dandruff, and dead ends.

2. Wring Hair Out

The best way to process a hair mask is to apply your leave-in conditioner on T-shirt-dried hair (remember, we ditched our towel ages ago). After your shower, wrap your head with a cotton T-shirt and remove after 5-10 minutes then go to town on the leave-in conditioner. That way, the hair isn’t too wet to absorb the nutrients in your leave-in conditioner.

3. Comb Through

Depending on your hair type, you’ll want to comb through your strands with a wide-tooth comb to evenly distribute the leave-in conditioner. Start from the ends up then in reverse from root to tips. If you suffer from dry, flaky scalp or just brittle strands in general, definitely do this. For oily hair types, avoid combing at the root, and instead rake through your mane starting at the mid-shaft.

4. Steam It

Lather your locks in leave-in conditioner then loosely gather the hair into a shower cap, leaving it on while you get ready. The cap will trap heat and help better moisturize and repair the inner layer of hair. For best results, try this in the shower with a deep conditioning treatment mask.

5. Avoid Twirling

You’ve shampooed, conditioned, and most importantly leave-in conditioned. Your hair is drying and your fingers have the urge to feel just how soft the leave-in conditioner actually left your mane. Stop right there. Habitual hair twirlers, beware. The more you twirl, the more your leave-in conditioner could wear off thereby undoing all the hard work you did. Unless you’re going to blow dry it, let air dry and let be.

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