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If the new year already has you looking for a new hairstyle but you’re weary of dramatic change, look no further! Often time a big change can be intimidating, that’s why we love the idea of adding fringe to quickly update your look. There are lots of different options available so take a look at our suggestions and find a variation that’s best for you.


Are you inspired by 60’s flair? Then an eyebrow grazing blunt bang may be just the thing for you! A fringe like this tends to work best on long, oval, or heart shaped faces and for those of us who may not mind styling our hair. To keep these looking fresh, you can’t be afraid of maintenance. You’ll want to trim them every two weeks and blow dry them straight out of the shower to control unruly cowlicks. Make sure your stylist sections your bangs from the arch or outer eyebrows to suit your face best.



Do you want to make a statement with your bangs? Do you have impeccable eyebrows that NEED to be shown off? Then you MUST try a mini blunt bang. Though not for everyone, these bad boys look great on girls with jaw dropping eyebrows, strong cheekbones, soft features, and [ahem] perhaps larger foreheads. Micro bangs can do wonders for smaller face shapes to open up the hairline and frame the eyes. The grow out can also be nice if you want to experiment with longer lengths between touch ups.


A softer version of the blunt bang, these tend to grow out nicely and can easily be pushed to the side after a few weeks. The wispy edges make these romantic and seductive. We suggest using a lightweight styling paste to bring more texture to the edges or to rough up for a more natural feel.



A micro piecey bang can be perfect addition to a textured haircut with a lot of layers or a blunt cut that needs contrast. As with all short bangs, make sure your eyebrows are well kept to keep your look fresh. These look great on round, oval, square, diamond or heart shaped faces when done correctly. We suggest using a wax or pomade to bring out texture and separation. These are great for low maintenance gals who want something that looks styled without having to do much and can make the rest of your hair look polished.



Is it just us, or is Bardot having a major comeback? Nothing is more chic than the right eyebrow grazing middle parted fringe when done just right. Make sure to go to an experience stylist if opting for something like this, as they can go unruly VERY quickly. If you’re in the process of growing out your bangs, this is absolutely the look for you. To style, we suggest using a small/medium boar bristle brush and blowdrying them forward towards your nose, creating a slight bend at the edges. Let cool with bang clips and you’ve got just the seductive Bardot look we all swoon over.



By far the most popular style, a side swept bang is flattering on virtually everyone. This is the best bet for girls who haven’t tried bangs before and are looking for a change. The right fringe can hide imperfections and bring out all the right features. If you have a good side, make sure your bangs sweep to the opposite. An experienced stylist can choose a length flattering for your face shape, but we love something that starts over the arch of one eyebrow and ends just above the cheekbones. We suggest keeping the ends textured to avoid a bulky grow out.



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