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WHAT TO BUY: 5 Last Minute Gifts For The Hair Obsessed Hairdresser

There’s only 3 days left until Christmas and you’ve still yet to find something that suits the hairstylist in your life.  But never fear, the gift giving guardian angels (aka: team Mane Addicts) have spoken and cued a list curated for especially for coiffeurs!  So with some quick reading and a couple clicks, you’ll have the perfect presents under the tree in the nick of time.

1. The Little Black Box

Leave to DreamDry (co-founded by Rachel Zoe + Robin Moraetes) to give life to the chicest dryer on the market.  It’s cute and compact form makes it ideal for traveling session stylists, however the power it packs makes it a must-have for all hairdressers alike.  Here’s the deets…

  • Lab tested record air speed (85mph) for the fastest blowout possible.
  • 1875 watts
  • Extra long 10.5 foot cord
  • 8 speed, heat & Ion settings
  • Extra cool Cold Shot Button
  • Next generation technology featuring the ON/OFF ION Generator switch for either sleek, smooth styles or voluminous texture.
  • Unique Advanced Noise Reduction™

The Dream Dryer: $295


2. Free People Hair

Who doesn’t love items that instantly change up a hairstyle?!  Wether it be a halo headpiece, a printed band, or color to add temporary flare, Free People has an array of gifts that are guarantee to arrive by Christmas if placed no later than 11:59pm(EST) today!

Free People Hair Accessories: $10-$138


3. Craft Organizer


Now that you’ve already purchased the hair bling they’ll need something to store them in!  This is a perfect match for the organization obsessed and hair accessory hoarders alike.

16 4×6 Case Keeper: $36.23 (on sale!)


4. Ibiza Brushes


Ask any hairstylist their favorite brushes and we’re gonna bet all our chips that they answer Ibiza.  Lucky for you, if you order through Nordstrom they’ll get there by Christmas Eve AND they just so happen to fit perfectly in a stocking!


5. Porter Magazine

Anyone who’s anyone knows this as a go-to for all things cool and classy.  For someone that does hair, endless visions through visuals enter the moment this style bible is placed in the hands of the beholder; so why not give the gift that keeps on giving inspiration for an ENTIRE year!

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