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Gigi Hadid Gets Galactic In a Neon Pink Wig

No one throws a NYFW show quite like Jeremy Scott, who decided to debut his Fall 2018 collection on the first day of fashion week this season at the Spring Studios in TriBeca. Opening the show was none other than Gigi Hadid, sporting a bright pink wig and a space-inspired getup fit for a galactic getaway.

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And while we got major Closer vibes from Gigi’s pink getup, the inspo was lightyears away. Inspired by the movie The Fifth Element, key stylist Eugene Soulieman for Wella paid homage to the flick’s leading lady Milla Jovovich and her iconic orange bob with micro-fringed wigs in shades ranging from citrus to blue to hot pink. The result is everything. And to compliment the acid-washed manes, MAC Cosmetics makeup artist Kabuki painted on bright triangular liner to match.


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A post shared by @eugenesouleiman on

Could neon bob wigs be the next be trend? Let us know below if you’d sport the look.

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