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Gigi Hadid Goes Red for Spring—and You’ll Never Guess What Inspired Her Hair Transformation

Gigi Hadid has historically kept it pretty simple when it comes to her hair. When she’s not walking the runways for Fashion Week or posing for magazine covers, her dirty blonde locks are styled down and natural or up in a bun. In preparation for spring, the new moon gave her tresses a well-deserved makeover with a sultry red dye job.

Gigi’s colorist Panos Papandrianos told Mane Addicts that he “used shades of copper and cinnamon” to achieve the final color. He also mentions that “it was an easy and smooth progression taking her from her natural blonde to ginger.”

While Gigi’s red hair made its catwalk debut during Versace’s Milan Fashion Week show, the supermodel didn’t switch up her hair just for the event.

Gigi shared her spicy ginger locks all over Instagram, including in an Instagram Story where she revealed the inspiration behind her updated color. “She is dedicated to everyone responsible for The Queen’s Gambit,” the new mom mentioned of the dye job.

We’re kind of obsessed over how much Gigi loves the Netflix show. We don’t blame her for going red after watching it either, because we were ready to do the same.

For those eager to use Gigi’s transformation as their inspiration for going red, Panos shares that achieving this look will be dependent on your current shade.

“If [your hair is] dark, the process will be longer and more difficult,” he notes. “The darker the hair is, the lighter the base should be in order to achieve this result. You will need to bleach your hair to achieve the look. If your hair is lighter, it’s much easier. The progression from blonde to bright ginger should be easy to achieve with the right mix of copper and cinnamon shades.”

As far as upkeep goes, Panos points out that this color tends to wash out fairly easy. To maintain the color’s vibrancy, he recommends “using a shampoo and conditioner with red pigment in order to freshen up the color when you wash your hair. Otherwise, it will lose vibrancy every time you wash.”

Now that Gigi’s locks are red, she can play with some of the hairstyles from the show. And, so can you. HERE’S how to achieve Anya Taylor-Joy’s signature waves from the series!

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