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The Honey-Infused Hair Oil That Transformed My Wash-and-Wear Hairstyle

Honey: A spoonful of it in tea takes my tastebuds on a joy spree. A drizzle of it over PB toast does the same. There’s endless proof that my senses favor the sweet goo, but my hair had yet to explore the benefits of bees’ bountyfor the obvious reason that mixing the two sounds like a sticky sin. That’s until I was given Gisou Honey-Infused Hair Oil, the first product influencer Negin Mirsalehi introduced in her haircare line, and the glowing bottle glued to everyone’s vanities. A short introduction to my mane: I’ve been on a heat styling hiatus for ten months, so I take my search for oils, creams, and leave-in conditioners that will polish and define my air-dried, wavy-long strands too seriously.

Now back to Negin’s gift to mankind—Gisou. Made with Mirsalehi Honey from her family’s bee garden in the Netherlands, the hair oil can be used as a pre-styler, finisher or overnight hair treatment. I chose to give my ‘do a dose of the saffron-colored goo after the shower, on towel-dried hair. In addition to honey, the hair oil’s key ingredients include almond oil and coconut oil, making the formula’s consistency a third viscous than pure, plain honey. Using the dropper application, I coated my hair from mid-lengths to ends and massaged it in with my fingers. Immediately it felt light on my strands—not oily. Honey, nature’s humectant, has moisture-retaining properties which I would witness firsthand when my hair fully dried an hour later. 

The first gift Gisou gave to me: Consistency in my air-dried waves. Anyone who’s familiar with the wash-and-wear way of life knows the feeling of when their hair texture looks naturally defined—utter joy. This hair oil made my waves look like they had a touch of heat from my iron (but they didn’t). The second surprise Gisou delivered: Non-greasy shine. An ever-so-subtle lingering scent, courtesy of the sap, and soft air-dried waves that didn’t get flat midday were the culmination of the oil’s first-class qualities. Even after a full night’s sleep, the softness and uniformity of my waves remained the next day. Even my split ends look less split end-y. You wouldn’t be wrong to assume I can’t go a single day without the oil, be it on damp or dry hair. The bad news is that it costs $88 dollars. The goo-d news is that it’s a big bottle, and a little goes a long way.

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