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Glacier-Infused Hair Products to Try This Winter

Glacier-infused hair products are elusive as they sound.

Remnants of icy terrain have the ability to draw moisture from deep inner tissues to hydrate the surface of the scalp. But yes, these products are rare. That said, they do exist, and many in the forms of clay.

Curious to get your hands on these unique formulas? Keep reading for our picks below.

Eleni & Chris Scandamin the Blonde Shampoo: $26

This award-winning product from Scandinavia is a purple shampoo made to revitalize and neutralize brassy tones. Thanks to a proprietary blend of cloudberries, Scandinavian Glacier Water and volcanic minerals, the hair is hydrated and nursed back to health.

(via Eleni & Chris)

Glacial Clay: $11.38 (1lb.)

Glacier-infused hair products don’t get more simple than as-is glacial clay. You can purchase this as-is product fresh from the Southern Alps of New Zealand. Gradually formed over the span of millions of years, it supports healthy hair and scalp. It also helps to strengthen the condition of hair follicles and roots. It also exfoliates dead skin cells, should you want to use it on your face and body, too.

(via From Nature With Love)

Mineral Mud Glacial Clay Technology: $160

This ultra luxe replenishing treatment features a concentration of 26 minerals with glacial ice extract and volcanic ash. Rinsing out the formula after 5-7 minutes activates the minerals, leading to hydrated, nourished strands and strengthened hair follicles.

(via Saphira Hair)

Voir Haircare Rhythm of the Rain Cleansing Glacial Scalp Exfoliator: $36

Canadian Glacial Oceanic Clay is boasted as a “secret sebum weapon” in this product. The formula rids buildup and flakiness by way of whipped-cream like blend of anti-inflammatory salts and hydrating minerals and botanicals.

(via Voir Haircare)

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