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Glamsquad’s Conditioning Treatment is Like Tropical Whipped Cream for Your Hair

Jar, packet, tube, bar—I’ve tried conditioning hair masks in every form of packaging under the sun. Or at least I thought I had until I was sent the Glamsquad Re-Treat Hair Treatment ($34)—in a can. Wait, did my eyes just play a trick on me? The on-demand beauty service recently launched the Glamsquad Styling Collection, a range of products which I was overly eager to take for a spin given the line was designed with intel shared from their 500,000+ appointments in mind. But back to the treatment mask in a can. I dispensed it into my palm and out poured smoothly a semi-dense, super-creamy dollop similar in appearance and texture to a hybrid of luxurious shaving cream and whipped cream. The texture felt soft enough in my hands to make me consider slathering it on body. I resisted. Meanwhile a blast of mmm-inducing exotic scents charmed my senses, turns out thanks to a moisturizing trio of mouthwatering, hydrating Mango Butter; juicy Watermelon Fruit Extract; and elasticity-increasing Pea Proteins. At this point my interest in the product piqued to a peak.

Glamsquad Re Treat Hair Treatment Review Mane Addicts

(via Glamsquad)

The can says to dispense a quarter-sized amount, but I went for a dollar coin because the dry Los Angeles weather has been tormenting my tresses. I massaged the dollop into my frizzy, curly, chest-length hair from mid lengths to ends and resumed my shower ritual. Right before it was time to rinse (about six minutes), I touched my ends and they felt neither greasy nor dry—just soft. After rinsing, I was delighted to find that, unlike most conditioning masks, it didn’t leave a greasy residue on my back, a major criterion in my treatment mask judging career for the last decade. The Glamsquad Re-Treat Hair Treatment air-dried my ordinarily parched, knotty, confused curls into plush, relaxed waves—the effect was mind-blowingly supermodel-worthy considering I didn’t follow with my usual leave in conditioner (for the purpose of gauging the product’s true performance).

(via Glamsquad)

In time, I’d also realize that this treatment mask wasn’t a one-hit hair wonder. The day after I used it, I ran three miles at the Rose Bowl while the sun was ablaze, and the following day I took a metabolic conditioning class at Equinox (described as a “fat incinerator”—so you know perspiration was aplenty). Normally, all that sweating undoes the smoothing work of my treatment mask, causing frizz and knotted curls. No such terrible thing happened this time. Call it magic or call it the Glamsquad Hair Treatment but my waves stayed intact, velvety, and smelling tropical until I washed my hair three days later. I’m a habitual hair twirler as it is, but being that my locks felt so luscious, touching my hair became a legitimate distraction during the week I tested the hair treatment. Lesson learned: Never judge a treatment mask in a can—this one can do it all.

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