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‘GLOSSES’ by Kylie Jenner Gives us all the Coachella Feels


When it come to festival fashion, Coachella is in a category all its own. The Coachella valley desert environment is unique enough in itself (it’s HOT) but everyone knows it’s the festival’s proximity to Hollywood that makes the event truly one-of-a-kind.

Kylie-Glosses Squad

Every year, hundreds of celebrities, models, and bloggers attend the 3 day music fest and bless us with their own high-fashion versions of festival wear. It’s like festival fashion week! So, as this year’s festivities approach, the Mane Addicts team (and anyone attending the festival – lucky you) is on high alert for anything that can be logged as desert-worthy #manespiration. Enter; Glosses by Kylie Jenner. Can you say, Coachella inspo?

Steal Kylie’s Look with a Louis Vuitton Bandeau and soft waves. Easiest way to get waves in the middle of the desert? OUAI wave spray.

2 minutes

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