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Why You Should Be Using Hair Products With Glycerin, According to an Expert

Glycerin has been among the first few listed ingredients in many of our skincare products for years now, but the humectant is quickly making a name for itself in haircare as well! To get the scoop on the benefits of glycerin in hair products, we turned to Lavinia Popescu, Vice President of Research and Development for Olaplex.

Olaplex uses this all-star ingredient in its No.3 (the brand’s best-selling repair and strengthening hair perfecter), No.4 (the brand’s repairing, strengthening and hydrating bond-repairing shampoo), No.5 (the brand’s bond maintenance conditioner) and No.8 (the brand’s new critically acclaimed Bond Intense Moisture Mask) formulas. Keep reading for Popescu’s breakdown on the benefits of glycerin in hair products.

What Is Glycerin?

“Glycerin (glycerol) is a compound made from natural products, such as vegetable oil, as well as artificial products such as propylene alcohol,” Popescu explains. “This alcohol-based element, also known as glycerol, is a simple polyol compound. It’s colorless, odorless and nontoxic. Glycerin, a humectant, provides moisturizing qualities to the skin and hair, because it attracts water. In the cosmetic industry, it’s used as a hair conditioning and skin conditioning agent.”

Main Benefits of Applying Glycerin to Hair

“Glycerin has the capability to maintain the right moisture in the hair fiber and scalp,” Popescu says. “Especially in dry weather, glycerin is essential to maintain the proper hydration. At the right level, glycerin is able to reduce frizz and breakage of the hair fiber. Glycerin can be found in hair masks, conditioners, hair serums and shampoos. The level of glycerin is important but the type of conditioners used are also crucial. Glycerin used in the wrong conditioners can leave the hair sticky and can lead to hair damage.”

curly-haired woman tugs are her dark strands
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The Benefits of Glycerin in Olaplex Products Particularly

“We always focus on creating products that have multiple benefits and which are capable of restoring, protecting and repairing the hair fibers,” Popescu says. “We can’t create healthy hair without having a healthy scalp. Glycerin, one of the most effective humectants, plays a very important role in scalp hydration and helps reduce the breakage of the fibers.”

Hair Types That Benefit Most From Glycerin

“At the right level, glycerin is safe for all hair types,” Popescu explains. “But it’s more effective on thick, coarse or dry hair. It’s also very effective for curly hair, as it helps define the pattern of the curls.”

Want to learn more about two of our favorite glycerin-filled products? Click HERE for the scoop on Everist’s eco-friendly, preservative-free shampoo and conditioner duo.

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