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Goddess-Inspired Hairstyles to Celebrate Spring

The first day of spring is almost here and everyone is already buzzing. It’s a time for change and a time for new beginnings. Let your inner deity shine with these goddess-inspired hairstyles to celebrate spring.

Adorn Your Crown With Flowers

Goddesses Ostara and Persephone are often depicted donning a floral crown. Honor the birth of new blooms with this uber-romantic hair accessory.

Airy, Romantic Waves

Soft, romantic waves are a simple nod to spring. This look can be easily recreated at home with a large barrel iron or blow dry brush.

Braid and Buns for a Grecian Goddess

Braids are another easy style to try at home. Don’t be afraid to get messy with it! The tousled nature of this look screams spring, as well as the very Grecian headpiece.

Full of Floral and Fauna

Grab some fake flowers and butterflies from your local craft store to incorporate into your look. Loose braids, buns, and tousled styles look beautiful with a few accessories sprinkled in.

Get Into It With Your Color

If you’re down to try something new, incorporate the colors of the season into your do. Pink is a fairly common springtime hue so why not add some yellows and greens to the mix? This avant-garde look screams all-powerful Goddess of Spring.

Loving these looks and ready to try them at home? HERE are our favorite drugstore hairsprays to secure your style!

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