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HOW-TO: Gold Leaf is the Easiest Holiday Hair Hack

Originally published on PopSugar Beauty

Mane Muse Kaley Cuoco Pink Hair

Between glitter roots and Kylie Jenner’s tress tattoos, hair art is having a major moment. But while those two trends can seem a little high-maintenance (or intensely messy), the latest way to add some zest to strands is simple and chic.

If you’re looking to outshine the rest of the attendees at this year’s epic holiday party, look no further than gold-leaf hair. You just place gold leaf (real gold that has been hammered into superthin sheets, available at craft stores) in your hair to your preference, and voilà.
Just like glitter roots, you can use a sticky hair product (like gel or mousse) to get the gilding to stick. The placement is totally up to you. We’re a fan of a thin, subtle strip in your hair part. You could also go wild and make leopard spots out of gold or tuck one side behind the ear— the possibilities are endless!

Would you try this daring beauty trend? We want to know what you think in the comments below!


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