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The Most Striking Beauty Looks In the Sea of Black at the Golden Globes

Last night’s 75th Annual Golden Globes can only be described in two words: Feminist Takeover. Queen Oprah Winfrey’s speech to young girls about embracing their voice coupled with the black-only gowns Hollywood’s leading ladies donned as a sign of solidarity against the overwhelming acts of injustice and inequalities towards women this year proved a powerful start to the new year and awards season. A variety of striking beauty looks against a sea of black attire at what should’ve been called the Times Up Movement created a double take-worthy dichotomy—ahead we round up the best hair and makeup combinations from the unforgettably fierce night.lily James golden globes Gregory Russell

Lily James by Gregory Russell

Downton Abby and Baby Driver actress Lily James stepped straight out of heaven in an open-back frilly dress and romantic, undone knot to match, courtesy of Gregory Russell. Her honey-hued side fringe is yet another reminder of why we love bangs.


Christina Hendricks Golden Globes Lacy Redway

Christina Hendricks by Lacy Redway

Christina Hendricks’ classic red pout was the perfect companion to her Jennifer Behr bow-adorned orange hair and wispy bangs.


Jessica Biel Golden Globes Hair

Jessica Biel by Adir Abergel

Jessica Biel’s strapless gown lent a bare canvas to her beautiful loose yet sleek, wrapped ponytail via Adir Abergel.


kate Hudson golden globes hair

Kate Hudson by David Babaii

We’re soaking up every phase of Kate Hudson’s new short hair—and this polished pixie by David Babaii is no exception.


Millie Bobby Brown golden globes hair Blake Erik

Millie Bobby Brown by Blake Erik

The Stranger Things starlet once again exuded edgy grace in an age-appropriate underneath-braided updo we’re still wowing about, and adding to the list of Millie short hairstyles we’re copying.


Sofia Boutella Golden Globes hair

Sofia Boutella by Davy Newkirk

Sofia’s straight, textured lob and micro-bangs created a chic contrast against her bold, brown brows.


Katherine Langford Christian Wood Golden Globes

Katherine Langford by Christian Wood

Soft, shiny waves and a glitzy constellation comprised of Jennifer Behr Venus Bobby Pins make Katherine’s mane a perfect party look to remember and re-create.


Dove Cameron Golden Globes hair

Dove Cameron by Justine Marjan

Justine Marjan put a fresh spin on our Mane Muse Dove Cameron’s old Hollywood waves, transforming her into a spitting image of Marilyn Monroe.


Vanessa Hudgens Golden Globes hair

Vanessa Hudgens by Chad Wood

Vanessa might’ve just convinced us to take the blunt bob plunge, in a French girl chin-grazing bob and bangs brought to us by Chad Wood.


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