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How to Achieve a Golden Glow With Hair Bronzing

Do you lust over that post-vacation glow year round? Nothing can make you feel quite as sexy like sweet, sun-kissed hair and a soft, golden tan. But instead of reaching for sunless tanner to recreate the bronzy skin glow, why not tinge your tresses with the perfect shade to compliment your face?

Enter: hair bronzing by L’Oreàl Professionnel, spring’s newest trend that gives you that “week at the beach” glow without traveling farther than your salon. L’Oreàl Professional’s Summer Reflections collection promises to “illuminate the face and give you good looks in one stroke of the brush.”

Loreal Professional

(via L’Oreal Professionnel)

The options range from natural bronzing, which gives your mane subtle sunny reflections to create a pearly beige, or contrasting hair bronzing, which creates a natural and sunny contract by combining two shades. Another option is hair bronzing shine, which gives the hair an immediate boost with perfectly placed lightness for an instant sun effect.

Natural Bronzing

natural hair bronzing

(via L’Oreal Professionnel)

Contrasting Hair Bronzing

contrasting hair bronzing

(via L’Oreal Professionnel)

Hair Bronzing Shine

hair bronzing shine

(via L’Oreal Professionnel)

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