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Here’s What Happened When I ‘Dyed’ My Hair Purple for a Day

Though I rocked some burgundy peekaboo highlights in 2019 (loved that look!), I wouldn’t say I’m known for bold hues in my hair. I’ve never done the trendy pastel pink or bleach blonde or anything of a sort. And especially amid coronavirus, I’ve let my once-vibrantly highlighted hair fizzle out into some basic b— honey-colored strips. Ah, what a time.

TBH, I haven’t had any desire to tamper with what remains of my mildly altered hair color. It’s actually been kind of fun watching its evolution from March’s start of the pandemic to now, Labor Day Weekend. It’s been a journey! It hasn’t been cut or colored since Jan., and I haven’t had plans to change that until my hair is back in the hands of a professional.

That said, when a rep reached out about Good Dye Young‘s vibrant hair hues, I was intrigued. The brand (founded by Paramore’s Hayley Williams) has been around for a couple of years, but there’s no reason I’d necessarily know about it since hair dye, in particular, isn’t my wheelhouse. Anyway, the shades are offered in semi-permanent and one-time-wear options. I thought, yolo, and replied to the rep saying I’d be down to try, and to surprise me with the colors.

The Products

I was sent a box of four shades—Rock Lobster (bright red semi-permanent), Narwhal (teal semi-permanent), Ex-Girl (magenta best-selling semi-permanent) and PPL Eater Poser Paste (purple one-day-wear “hair makeup”). The first thing I did was hit the ‘gram (as one does), because I obviously needed to gauge the opinion of my peers.

I posted three polls to break down which color(s) and how much of my hair should be colored. After all was said and done, thankfully, the majority opted for the purple, which meant I didn’t have to make any months-long commitments (the other shades wash out in approximately 8-10 rinses, so I’ve heard).

While I opted for the purple, one of my friends replied and said she uses the red and it’s worked wonders for her. It’s also important to note that the semi-permanent shades are ammonia-free, peroxide-free, paraben-free, 4ABP-free persulfates-free, PPD-free and nickel-free. The semi-permanent shades are an affordable $18 per tube, and the Poser Pastes are also $18. The brand as a whole carries an array of gorgeous shades—neon, pastel and otherwise—so if you’re the least bit intrigued, their website is worth a glance.

Good Dye Young PPL Eater Semi-Permanent Hair Color: $18

via Sally Beauty

The Experience

I watched one girl’s Poser Paste application process on YouTube. Like me, she had thick, dark, naturally curly hair, so I was able to get a sense of what to expect. She said she did like the color result, but the consistency was dry and matte (I concur).

After watching her video, I grabbed some gloves and got down to business. I opened my tub of very bold purple (look at those added specs below!) and mixed it around as deemed necessary. Aside from the luscious vibrancy, the first thing I noticed was the fragrance. It doesn’t smell chemical-y by any means, but it does smell potent. While I’d say it’s a favorable scent, if you’re averse to aroma, you may be sensitive to it, as it’s pretty prominent throughout the whole process and afterward.

In the video clips below, you can see my natural hair color and how I begin the process.

Because I opted to color the whole head, I’d say the process took a total of 30 minutes. It was a little challenging to get the paste to rub in. And oddly enough, it showed up more vibrantly on the darker strands than on the honey-colored lighter strands.

Before I knew it, the tub was empty—and at that point, I felt like the color was as good as it was going to get. The consistency was definitely dry as implied in the YouTube video. It gave me a sense of what my hair would look like purple, but I wouldn’t call this a fresh-from-the-salon ‘do. Below is what looked like as soon as I was done (with no combing through or adding any product).

I knew I could mess with my look a bit. I combed the hair through and added some hair oil and curl-holder. While still very dry, it gave the color more dimension. And then once I changed my outfit and did a full face of makeup, I was totally feeling my look. The highlights really peeked out with a gorgeous lavender and I was into it. At the very least, it was perfect for an IG photo opp, amirite?

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“dyeing” my hair for an assignment part II (the AFTER)

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As soon as my self-made photoshoot was complete, I immediately hopped in the shower. While I really ended up loving my final look, it was 102-degrees outside and I could feel it coming through in my bathroom. I felt like I was wearing 10 lbs. of makeup, and the rest speaks for itself.

I used a clarifying shampoo first, then two rounds of regular shampoo and then a 15-min hair mask and I was good to go. And just like that, within mere minutes, I went from glam to right back to normal. I’m pleased to say the color rinsed out entirely, and my hair feels totally healthy post-use. Oddly, remnants of the aroma have remained, but after a night’s sleep, it’s mostly dissipated unless I actually make an effort to smell my hair.

Bottom Line

I was in the mood for a me-day, and this was truly the perfect activity. It was especially fun documenting the before and after. I loved the final result, and it seemed to be a crowd-pleaser on Instagram.

As for the product as a whole, I think I would use it differently on my next run. I think it’s perfect for coloring the two front pieces of the hair, or for blunt bangs or even the very ends of the full head of hair. This is also good for Halloween or something costume-enforced. Or, again, simply for an Instagram pic. I wouldn’t likely wear this out casually because again, it’s pretty dry and the color isn’t entirely uniform. But then again, it’s called “paste,” so with that name, you can’t expect a shiny consistency.

Above all else, it only costs $18 and it’s pretty easy to use (there were crumbles of the color found in my bathroom, but overall I wouldn’t call it messy the way traditional hair dye is messy). If you’re ever just curious to see how your hair would look in a bright hue, this is a fun one-day option!

Shop Good Dye Young

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