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Is GoopGlow Worth It?

Okay guys, hear us out. We like to splurge on our manes, and we love a good luxe oil for all that self-care Sunday/any day/me-time goodness—but… it’s not always the most justifiable purchase. However, if there’s one woman who knows luxury, it’s Gwyneth Paltrow, known for her ridiculously expensive recommendations on Goop, namely her yearly gift guide that features high ticket items in the thousands. Gwyneth’s latest foray into mane magic? GoopGlow Restore + Shine Hair Serum: $48 is giving us NoLita heiress bathing in champagne. This is partially because it’s a happy golden color and it’s suggested you shake it up before use, which creates a fizz.

We took it upon ourselves to review this product so you don’t have to worry about wasting your money. Discover what we loved about the Restore + Shine Hair Treatment below!

What We Like About GoopGlow Restore + Shine Hair Treatment

The Scent

The smell isn’t overpowering. It’s fresh and citrusy but won’t take away from your perfume or replace it. Scent doesn’t get enough credit when it comes to picking a product. Honestly, we don’t care how transformative a product is, if it smells terrible, we refuse to deal.

GoopGlow Restore + Shine Hair Treatment on a textured background | Mane Addicts

Not Too Oily

This lightweight oil absorbs well, minimizing the actual grease factor that makes oil unappealing to some. It even sinks in after it’s spread around your hands, which is crucial. We got ready for a wedding mid-car ride using this oil and it didn’t destroy our dress, nor did it look like we palmed a greasy slice. Once again, shout out to Gwendolyn.

Person showing their hair with the GoopGlow Restore + Shine Hair Serum in their dark, curly strands | Mane Addicts
Left side- oil/ Right side – no oil

It Adds Shine

Yes, GoopGlow does what it claims to, which is add shine. Its effects might be more pronounced on thinner hair, but you can maximize the razzle-dazzle factor on thicker manes by adding more. While it hasn’t restored our beat-up locks just yet, we notice it does help us transition from cavewoman to functioning homo sapien.

GoopGlow does what it claims to | Mane Addicts

All in, we like this oil. Even if you need more, a little goes a long way but it’s also mini enough to keep it with you for a quick touch-up.

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