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Here’s My Review of UNITE’s New Gone in 7Seconds Root Touch-Up Spray

I’ve tried literally every single product under the sun to cover up grays (especially amid coronavirus). From mascara, to eyeliner to a Sharpie and Garnier conceal tool, if it can potentially get the job done, it’s definitely been in my hair. So when I heard about the potential to do a UNITE Root Touch-Up Spray review, I obviously had to get my hands on the item. 

The popular haircare brand has a slew of different products on the market, but this is their foray into gray coverage. The product launched early Nov., and I used it all last week.

The Product

Each spray comes in a 2oz. can. I received the dark brown/black spray ($25)—the other available shades are light brown, medium brown and auburn. 

The product instructs to shake well and apply to dry hair. It says to hold can 2-3 inches away from roots and lightly spray in a sweeping motion. It claims to instantly conceal, blend and touch-up grown out and gray roots.

(via Unsplash)

The Experience

For me, it was a bit of trial and error when I conducted my UNITE Root Touch-Up Spray review. The first few gos ended up with a bit of product in my part, and there were pesky strands that just wouldn’t take the color. But after experimenting a bit more, I finally found my way. When I held my hair taut and only sprayed in the direction away from my part, I had newfound success!

While I’ve used a couple products here and there that provide slightly easier coverage, they also have the downside of making my roots look clumpy or greasy. This product, however, goes on without changing the hair’s texture or looking any bit obvious. After the initial application, I reapply lightly 1-2 additional times throughout the day.

Bottom Line

Like with any new product, you may have to play with this a bit before you get it down. But overall, my UNITE Root Touch-Up Spray review gets two thumbs up. Also, a little goes a long way (depending on your situation, of course). I have stray grays in my roots and find that three solid sprays gets the job done. It’s also travel-sized, so you won’t have to worry about those standout strands when you go on vacay. 

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