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I Kicked Off Quarantine With Grays and Brassy Highlights—Look at Me Now!

Of course no one expected to be quarantined for several months, so the three months I’d gone since a color touchup didn’t feel like an issue.

I have red “peek-a-boo highlights” under a thick layer of my locks, so the shade pops out depending on how I position my hair. Therefore, if the color fades, it’s not dramatic like having your roots show and your brassy color framing your face. This, combined with the fact that I only wash my hair once a week, allows me to go a lot longer without maintenance.

But once we were locked away in isolation, suddenly, the three months I’d gone without seeing my colorist were more apparent than ever.

In the last year especially, my grays have been in full effect.

I used to have the occasional silver strand, which I could pluck out or easily conceal under more hair, but as of late, they’ve grown more and more excessively. Two weeks into quarantine, I couldn’t even wear my hair up anymore.

The greys were everywhere, and the once-vibrant mahogany that made me stand out in a crowd faded into this weird aspiring shade of pink.

I knew I wouldn’t do anything drastic. I wouldn’t dare mess with boxed hair dye and make it all one color, and I wouldn’t try any at-home gray treatments. Hair services meant for salons get extremely messy at home, and plus, I’m not the most coordinated individual. I’d certainly mess it up.

Therefore, I planned to just wait it out. While sure, it was a little frustrating, I focused on things in my control, like consistent skincare maintenance. That is, until I received a press release from Garnier’s team, listing their products you can try at home for easy care.

I was immediately drawn to their Express Retouch pocket-sized root touchup tool and their new Nutrisse Color Revivers (they come in five shades). I replied to the publicist’s email and asked if it’d be possible to test the red Reviver and the dark brown Retouch (they come in four shades). She happily obliged, and I couldn’t wait to get to business.

Both were incredibly easy! The Reviver sits on your hair for 5-10 mins (I probably should have left it on longer since I hadn’t gotten it done in months). It’s applied like an all-over conditioner, it’s not messy at all, and I noticed an immediate difference. I’ll probably give it another go during my next wash, now that I’ve experienced how it works and can likely do it more effectively.

The root touchup is an absolute dream. Grays aren’t something I ever dealt with on a serious level until the last six months or so, and the fact that I haven’t even felt comfortable putting my hair up at the gym is sad. The touchup tool is so easy to use, and a little goes a long way. I take the sponge and gently dab the areas I need concealed. It works like magic and blends seamlessly with your natural hair color. You definitely can’t tell I’m using a tool. It also contains a durable consistency. The color didn’t come out until my next wash—and even then, you have to give it an extra deep cleanse because it can stick on pretty stubbornly. The dried product does feel a little sticky, but again, it’s nothing anyone will notice, just something you’ll feel.

While my hair will eventually need a professional color touchup because it’s grown out so much, for now, this will do just fine. The brassy highlights were icing on the cake to the problematic grays. While not a permanent fix, adding the Retouch once a week is no hassle, and worth it either way to feel like a gray-free youth again! Best part? The products combined come out to a total of about $20—that’s it!

If you’re planning to get your hair done professionally as soon as you can, HERE are the favorite salons of celebs in L.A.

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