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This Is the ONLY Hair Issue I Find Justifiable to Care About Amid Quarantine

I’ve been so taken aback about how angsty people have behaved in regards to getting their hair done (or quite the contrary) amid quarantine. 

I could understand if we were seeing people in person or still taking business meetings or going on dates—but lounging around the house with zero outside interaction (with the exception of the occasional Zoom call or trip to the grocery store) doesn’t constitute the need for (most) hair services.

While I firmly believe you should absolutely use this spare time as an opportunity to take care of your hair, I don’t think haircuts, keratins and highlights are absolutely necessary. 

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(via Unsplash)

That said, there is one hair issue I find justifiable to care about amid quarantine, and that’s concealing your grays. Allow me to explain…

It wasn’t until this year, in fact—just before quarantine kicked off—that I really noticed an uptick in my stray grays. Leading up to 2020, I was able to conceal those atrocious strands underneath more hair. Presently, they show through, and for the first time in my life, I can’t wear my hair up in a bun without a noticeable difference. 

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I think with other hair concerns like a grown-out haircut or brassy or faded highlights, there’s plenty you can do to either hide or embrace those looks. Grays, on the other hand, stand out like a sore thumb and I associate them with getting old. Plain and simple, I don’t like the way they look. Some people choose to own their unexpected color, and I genuinely admire their confidence—but for me, the distaste for my grays is just something I can’t shake.

When people have to retouch their grown-out dye job or snip at bangs, they get to upgrade their natural look. Concealing grays, however, isn’t doing anything except getting me back to where I’m supposed to be. This became my biggest aesthetic insecurity amid quarantine up until a few weeks ago, when I documented my 20-second hair transformation. Since then, I’ve worn my hair any which way I please, and it’s a breath of fresh air.

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So next time you want to huff and puff about a hair service you’re not getting during these trying times, think about whether or not you really, really need it at the moment. Chances are, you can at least temporarily work around it. Even I found a solution for the time being!


If you’ve got a recent case of the grays like me, you’ll relate to THESE eight truths.

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