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6 Hairstyles to Rock If You’ve Fully Embraced Your Grown Out Roots

Let’s face it, these times call for us to fully embrace a once faux-paus style.

We say grown out roots are completely in this fall and there’s no shame in adopting that sexy, mysterious dark-to-light look. If you fall into this camp and are ready to take the plunge towards an ultra relaxed vibe, take a peek below for all the hairstyles you should rock, like, yesterday.

1. Long, Bouncy Curls

For all the curly tops: it’s time to go full, let-down mane mode. We think curls always err on the side of fabulous, but they look even better with a little root peaking through. It;s a total Beyoncé move with an updated twist.

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2. Deep Side Part

A regular old center part just won’t cut it for grown out roots. Opt for a deep side part instead! Pro tip: it looks extra chic on a layered lob.

3. Tousled Ombré Waves

Okay, nobody owns grown out roots quite like Margot Robbie, but with this style you can come pretty close. Tease up the top of your hair just slightly and add some loose waves for a tousled, cool girl style.

4. Super High Bun

You can never go wrong with a sleek, high bun in our humble opinion. There are so many gorgeous variations, but there’s something extremely radiant about a platinum top knot with midnight roots peeking through.

5. Sleek High Ponytail

There’s nothing more brilliant than a sleek, high pony with golden red ends and deep brown roots. Add pieces in front or bangs if you have them to look polished, yet laid back.

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how’d you get so timeless?

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6. French-Braided Updo

Braids accent any grown out color oh-so-perfectly. They’re the most ideal way to weave your new hue into a seamless masterpiece. Throw a pony, bun or more braids on the bottom for added fun.

Still a little insecure about those roots? Try THESE chic hairstyles to wear with a beanie instead.

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