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Miu Miu PFW SS16 Guido Palau Ending Paris Fashion Week with a bang, Miu Miu went all out with eclectic prints, bold fur stoles and fabulous boots, creating a wildly colorful, cool girl collection for spring and summer 2016. The preppy flair of the designs infused with the models’ sultry dark lips  made for a fun and fresh show.  To complement the edgy vibe of the designs, Redken creative director Guido Palau parted the models’ manes into playful pigtails and adorned them with brightly colored crowns! Miu Miu SS16 We caught up with the Mane Master himself on how to achieve this fresh, flirty look. “The hair at Miu Miu is like a tough tomboy with a slight English 70’s feeling. It has the same essence as Prada, the big sister show, which was very quirky and cool, but still very in line with the designers’ girl. I created a center part and then gathered the hair into two pigtails, using Redken’s wind blown 05 to create some extra texture.” Miu Miu SS16 “Then, I used Redken’s triple take 32 on the forehead and side pieces, which are stuck to the face. The look really has a lot of personality with the pigtails, the plastic headband crowns and the side pieces, which are from the Prada show. All those things combined give us the quirky Miu Miu girl, which is cool, modern and always playful” says Guido. Miu Miu PFW SS16 Guido Palau GET THE LOOK:

  1. Start by spraying Redken pillow proof blow dry express primer all over damp hair and comb through.
  2. Work a nickel-size amount of Redken satinwear 02 prepping blow-dry lotion into damp hair.
  3. Use fingers to create a center part and then blow dry hair straight using a round brush.
  4. Lightly spray Redken wind blown 05 dry finishing spray all over hair and wax blast 10 high impact finishing spray wax at the ends to enhance texture.
  5. Divide hair into two sections and gather into low pigtails, leaving a small piece of hair out around each ear, and secure with elastics.
  6. Spray Redken triple take 32 extreme high-hold hairspray on the two sections of loose hair by the ears to stick them to the face.

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We can’t get enough of Miu Miu’s pigtails and vampy pouts!

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