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Dior has done it again! The spring SS16 runway show began after walking through an extravagant entrance covered in blue flowers. Once inside, the floral backdrop added the perfect touch for the dainty and feminine collection. 

Dior PFW SS16

Dior creative director Raf Simons described the key notes as “purity and precision” Simons wanted to concentrate on a line that expressed “femininity, fragility and sensitivity without sacrificing strength.” The perfect mix between hard and soft was seen both in the clothing and hairstyles. The models walked the runway in delicate organza with their hair in sleek, low ponytails tied up by a choker. 

Dior PFW SS16

Hairstylist and Redken global creative director Guido Palau used Redken diamond oil to achieve this sleek and straight style. He took a ribbon-like piece of fabric and tied it around the neck, then secured the ponytail in a messy, loose knot. Guido then created a break in the hair near the ear to make room for the statement earrings to peek through.Palau describes the look saying, “It’s subversively sexy, really” “It’s the kind of thing a girl might do with a brocade ribbon, wrapping it around her neck and layering it under a brooch.”

Dior PFW SS16

The bold choker neckpieces not only made a statement in the hair, they also carried a special hidden message. Numerical charms hung from each choker with the year “1947” and the number 8. 1947 is for the year of Christian Dior’s apotheosis, and number 8 symbolizing the spring collection of that year that became known as “Figure 8”.We’re so inspired by this look, and with simplistic yet edgy vibes, this hairstyle can easily be transformed from high fashion into everyday wear. 

Dior PFW SS16

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